Friday, June 15, 2012


So it's been FOREVER since I posted.  A lot has happened and I am really hoping that if I start posting about our life here in Montana, then maybe my sisters will get the hint and post more! (hint, hint)

So I'll backtrack a little over the next week or so and then be caught up (hopefully).  For now, I just wanted to post some quick pictures of the High School Rodeo Finals we attended last Thursday in Bozeman.  We were a little cold, but it was beautiful!

Excited to go to the rodeo!
Savy dressed Reagan & fixed her hair for the day.

We went with 2 girls from work.  Nicole, one of our nurses, brought her kids.  

They became instant best friends with Autumn and Sidney.  We even went to the pond to swim yesterday because her kids wouldn't stop asking to play with Savy and London.  You like London's Bono glasses?  They came with her nerf gun....  And yes, she's freezing because she refused to bring a coat.

My favorite parts:

1.  The view (as you can see behind Reagan.)  Those are the Bridger Mountains that are on one side surrounding our valley.   My favs are actually the Gallatins (more peak-y with more snow-capped peaks) which lead us to Yellowstone, but these are gorgeous too because they are so close and so green right now.  


2.  The little girls cheering for the little calves during roping.  They thought it was inhumane.

So much fun.

We're searching out things to keep busy this summer so hopefully I'll keep up the posting.