Friday, August 10, 2007

President Faust

This morning President Faust passed away. It amazes me how much you can grow to love a man that you never knew in person, but I'm sure everyone who ever heard him speak felt that way about him. He has been in the First Presidency for such a long time -- through all my years of "growing up" into an adult - from high school until now. And although I know whoever comes next will be fabulous and just as lovable and memorable, today is a day to remember him.


Anonymous said...

I am feeling so sad and yet so glad. The glad comes from the wonderful association we, as church members, have with our leaders. We reverence these men and in this we show our love. President Faust has left us with wonderful stories, advice, talks, inspiration and revelations. I am so glad that I have known him as my spiritual leader. Cyndee

Megan said...

Kind of shocking, I really wasn't expecting this. It's always sad to say goodbye to a beloved leader.

Kelly said...

This made me sad to hear yesterday. One of my favorite firesides at BYU was with him and his wife. They were so in love and so cute. It was wonderful He will be missed, for sure.