Saturday, May 31, 2008

Randomness in Utah

* Crew has finally figured out how to get London's goat and is constantly making her cry through teasing. It probably doesn't help that she's out of her own realm and, therefore, not 100% and easily put into tears.

* Prayertime - London demanded help - which she never needs - and then when I said "we're thankful that we can play with our cousins today" she stopped, looked up and said, "I don't want to say that." I'm thinking it had something to do with Crew's new hobby of teasing her. She's never refused to say something before.

* We went out for Shane's birthday last night and it was fun talking at dinner about their trip and various other things. Then we saw Indiana Jones which I saw last week, but once again was reminded that no matter how much people criticize it, I think it was pretty classic Indie and maybe people have just moved away from that because it's a new time period.

The best part of the night happened on the way home at midnight. Midnight in Enoch, Utah and cops are bored. Shane got pulled over just down the street from the house. 5 miles over the speed limit (going down a hill) and he failed to dim his lights going down the hill and the poor cop had a hard time seeing because of it. The best part was that after taking his license and paperwork, he comes back and says, "Mr. Adair, have you been drinking tonight? Because it smells like alcohol in this car." Mom, Gina and I couldn't help but giggle which may not have been a good thing. Shane replied that there had never ever been an ounce of alcohol in his car or in his body before. I mean, yes, he may have looked like a polygamist because we'd dropped Tyler off at the shop to get his truck, but I don't think you go out to the local bar with a newborn, do you? I hope people don't do that. So he asked Shane to get out and take a sobriety test. Crazy! We were dying laughing and Shane was pissed. He knows the chief of police very well (Shane's buddy's with everyone) so I'm sure they'll be having some words. In the end, he wasn't issued a ticket and we were on our way. Oh, you always have adventures when you're with Shane.

* I think I'm off to take the girls on a Cheetoh ride. The Cheetoh is a vendor bike Shane bought in Mexico. So classic South American that it makes me die laughing. The girls sit in the front (where whatever the vendor sells would normally sit) and the rider is in the back. It's great fun and I'll definitely have Cheetoh pictures to post when I get home.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yesterday morning Cyndee and I were on the swing in the backporch, relaxing.
Mackenzie was feeding the dog and the sheep.
The cleaning lady was coming to clean the house.
We thought this was the life.
We wondered why we didn't have anyone to come take the kids.
Then reality hit us and we realized that's why we are here: to babysit Crew.
Hmmm....I guess we'll have to actually DO something then.

Monday, May 26, 2008

freezing in Utah

Mom and I drove up to Utah Saturday with three little girlies squished in the back of her Honda Accord. They were snug as a bug. (I forgot my camera cords so I can't download my pictures so pictures will be coming) The trip went well except a few moments of crying which came from the least likely person (or so I thought). Savannah had two twenty minute bouts of crying. Between an 8-week old, a 3 1/2 year old and a 5 year old, I least suspect the oldest to be the biggest problem. Reagan did decide to get angry for the last 45 minutes and cried. It broke my heart, but we were so close that I just didn't want to stop so we continued on and boy was she glad when we got there.

Sunday I didn't even take her carrier to church because I felt so bad about that last hour of the trip. She got spoiled for three hours of church, being held constantly. Lucky girl. Speaking of church, it was lovely with 3 adults and 8 children under the age of 6. Only the wild and crazy Noah T. had to be escorted out by his dad. What a wild man! And that little Ryder is 7 months and the cutest baby EVER! All you have to do is look at the boy and he rewards you with the hugest, cutest smile. Gotta love it. Reagan is starting to smile a lot more and I love it.

Savannah and London are loving their wild and crazy boy cousins. Savy jumped right in with the wrestling, etc. while London took a while to warm up to it all. I think this is going to be the best week of their summer just playing and being free without 100+ weather.

Well, we're off to relax and do nothing. Just what I need right now. It is also way colder than we expected and we're absolutely freezing! Who would have thought the high would be in the 50's at the end of May?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reagan Pictures

Are you ready for a picture overload?
I have taken a lot of pictures lately and have lots to post. So many faces that I want to remember that Miss Reagan makes. So for memory's sake, here are a few of my favs. There are a few almost smiles and then that sad face I just can't get enough of! There's also the look that she gives strangers that says "who the heck are you and where the crap is my mom?" (it's the snarly one where her hand's by her face). Then there's the naked one for Megan to see how big she's getting to compare to Caleb who's trying his darnedest to catch up.

... and, yes, Megan, I DID glue that bow onto her little head. Elmers glue to be exact. It's non-toxic and water soluble and actually works whereas Karo syrup does not despite how many people will tell you it does (maybe it has something to do with the 100+ weather we have here, but it just kind of gets gooey).

I just love the mini-glued-on-bow look, but I also can't resist the headbands.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Fridays are the best!


Because Cyndee doesn't have to work and it's the designated "Grandma Cyndee day" in my house. The girls look forward to it all week long and, to tell the truth, so do I. She is one of the few people who isn't afraid to go anywhere (and I mean anywhere) with more toddlers than adults. I love it. This last Friday was the last one of the school year and mom got her first real smile out of Reagan which thrilled her. This Friday will still be a Grandma day, but just different as we're going up to Utah with her, but not before she watches the girls so Nate and I can go on a quick Indiana Jones date. Thank you, mom!

I just had to document this darling face that I get whenever something is not to Reagan' s satisfaction - I love this sad face!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Real Life

with a new baby. . .
just kidding - Reagan is a really happy girly and only looks like this when hungry.

Here are a few random thoughts and things:

1. This is what happens when you have children who are obsessed with drawing and drawing and drawing on computer paper and mom is out of commission for a few weeks. Dads don't notice or care about things like this "hidden" in the computer room. But I do. And I was shocked when I finally saw it about two weeks ago.
2. The girls had a hard time the first few days Reagan was home. I received numerous pictures of crying stick people. Apparently it's Savannah and London crying because everyone just loves Reagan and not them.
After being involved holding and taking care of Reagan, they totally love her now, but every once in a while they realize that life has altered with a baby and that's when they use the ultimate big sister threat . . . the goblin king.
The other day, London just said,
"Fine, then I will wish Reagan to the Goblin King."
(have you ever seen Labyrinth?)Savy looking like she's ready to wish Reagan away. . .

4. And finally, we went to the park last week and met Amy and the boys. The cousins were more than thrilled to be reunited. For the first ten minutes, London and D just chilled on the bench, catching up I suppose. They were very cute together.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This post is stolen from my sister, Amy. I stole it for numerous reasons, but once anyone reads it, they'll understand why. It's not just that she's an amazing writer, but it also brought back so many memories and I want to remember the beautiful way she put it. I also love the story of Reagan calming down because it was not just a fluke -- that girl went crazy in my stomach when she heard her dad and today, at 4 weeks, she still calms and looks for him when she hears his voice. She even coos at him and I haven't gotten that yet!

So here it is, stolen and ready to be in my "blog book" someday.
(below is Reagan being poked and prodded, poor thing)


I have seen it begin a few times. And each has been profound. I was 20 the first time. Big-eyed at BYU, dreaming of all the possibilities Ahead. And I know it was incredibly non-BYU-ish of me, but marriage & children were not the primary landmarks on that vista. October of my 3rd year, and I flew home to Arizona. My JoDee was having her first baby. Cyndee & I spent hours pacing the hospital halls. Taking turns visiting Jo. And when Andersyn finally made her way into the world, I became a different person. A dramatic statement, perhaps, but it really was true. I looked at this entirely dependent, wide-eyed babe, something clicked, clarity came and I saw the world in its simplest beauty. Knowing innately that this was what life was all about. Not classes and papers and study abroad and internships.

We are perfected through our relationships. I knew then & there that only as a Mother would I be able to shed enough of my selfish self to progress and grow. Only through Loving another human heart & soul.

Since then, I’ve been bedside to a laboring Gina, Megan and Mandi. I love all of these women. They are my sisters and my best friends. Of course, there was the unforgiveable moment during Megan’s first birth when Mandi fainted because she hadn’t eaten all day. The doctors made us both leave. The consolation prize was sitting in the corridor sipping apple juice & crunching crackers. (I only forgave Mandi when she meekly held my throw-up container as I dry heaved my way through birthing Aidan. That kind of service can wipe away just about any wrong!)

A few weeks ago I felt blessed again as I watched Miss Reagan meet the world. The poor girl was as shell-shocked as any veteran of war. It struck me that these babies really are torn from the most comfortable crib in creation…straight into bright lights, cold air, and plenty of noise. But I love how she finally calmed. Nurses were cleaning, measuring, poking, prodding. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and even attempted to comfort her with words and a warm hand, but she cried on. Until Nate came over and spoke. She instantly calmed, straining…listening. This minutes old baby definitely knew the sound of her dad. She’ll learn Aunt Amy over time, but it was beyond sweet to witness that little moment…the first of many that will melt my heart, no doubt.

I’m grateful for Birth...Life..and the opportunity to witness its pain & joy from a different perspective.

Friday, May 2, 2008


A couple weeks ago (or months? I have no concept of time at the moment), Kelly posted about this new website she'd discovered with all types of hair-styling ideas for little girls.

I LOVE it!

Savannah and I went through and printed up some pictures and have been trying out new "do's" whenever I actually have the time in the morning to fix hair - which is a miracle in and of itself at the moment.

I am quite proud of myself because when she was little, I always did the hair, but I just am not creative to figure out cool, funky hair-do's for my girls -- my sister, Megan, should have a girl because she would be great! So this website has helped me by giving me the ideas and I can carry it out from there. Very helpful if you have girlies!

Check it out:

It is a memorable day when London lets me fix her hair. It took two days of fixing Savy's hair with new hairstyles to get her to finally agree to it. This is what she chose. So cute with her a-line haircut.

Savy's other hairstyle.
We're on to braids next....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I do have other children besides Reagan so this post is all about Savannah and her preschool field trip she took to Superstition Farms today. Amy chaperoned and took pictures while I stayed home with London and Davyn.

Warning: I love pictures and am not a decisive person so be prepared for LOTS of pics!

Savy coming out of the maze.
Savannah, Aidan and Kaylee. Every couple weeks Sav will ask me: "What's the deal with Kaylee? What's so special about her that everyone wants to marry her?" All the boys love Kaylee, so I'm told. But Savy and London do to and constantly beg for her to come over for a play date.
Do notice that I have gotten better at fixing Savannah's hair and it looked dang cute today if I do say so myself. . . It's all thanks to a fabulous website I discovered thanks to Kelly, but more on that another day.
Kaylee, Aidan and Savy.
The milk bar where they can choose whatever flavor milk they'd like.
Cherry, chocolate, orange, lime.
Which would you choose????
The preschool class
feeding time
Savannahfeeding the horse
This poor bunny. It actually reminds me of how the girls are with Reagan when she's not sleeping -- constant hands petting and caressing her head/face. The life of a third child, I suppose.