Saturday, May 31, 2008

Randomness in Utah

* Crew has finally figured out how to get London's goat and is constantly making her cry through teasing. It probably doesn't help that she's out of her own realm and, therefore, not 100% and easily put into tears.

* Prayertime - London demanded help - which she never needs - and then when I said "we're thankful that we can play with our cousins today" she stopped, looked up and said, "I don't want to say that." I'm thinking it had something to do with Crew's new hobby of teasing her. She's never refused to say something before.

* We went out for Shane's birthday last night and it was fun talking at dinner about their trip and various other things. Then we saw Indiana Jones which I saw last week, but once again was reminded that no matter how much people criticize it, I think it was pretty classic Indie and maybe people have just moved away from that because it's a new time period.

The best part of the night happened on the way home at midnight. Midnight in Enoch, Utah and cops are bored. Shane got pulled over just down the street from the house. 5 miles over the speed limit (going down a hill) and he failed to dim his lights going down the hill and the poor cop had a hard time seeing because of it. The best part was that after taking his license and paperwork, he comes back and says, "Mr. Adair, have you been drinking tonight? Because it smells like alcohol in this car." Mom, Gina and I couldn't help but giggle which may not have been a good thing. Shane replied that there had never ever been an ounce of alcohol in his car or in his body before. I mean, yes, he may have looked like a polygamist because we'd dropped Tyler off at the shop to get his truck, but I don't think you go out to the local bar with a newborn, do you? I hope people don't do that. So he asked Shane to get out and take a sobriety test. Crazy! We were dying laughing and Shane was pissed. He knows the chief of police very well (Shane's buddy's with everyone) so I'm sure they'll be having some words. In the end, he wasn't issued a ticket and we were on our way. Oh, you always have adventures when you're with Shane.

* I think I'm off to take the girls on a Cheetoh ride. The Cheetoh is a vendor bike Shane bought in Mexico. So classic South American that it makes me die laughing. The girls sit in the front (where whatever the vendor sells would normally sit) and the rider is in the back. It's great fun and I'll definitely have Cheetoh pictures to post when I get home.


Amy said...

Ha! That is hilarious...and I can clearly picture the three of you giggling in the background. I love that there is always randomness to be had on a visit to JoDee & Shane.

Poor London...though I do find it hilarious to picture Crew (giant grin intact, of course) "getting her goat". She MUST feel out of her element because I know she's a girl who can hold her own.

Can't wait for pictures when you get home!

Megan said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time, Utah is always so much fun, and there always seems to be run ins with the authorities while you're there, making things all that much more entertaining.
Sounds like London needs a brother to toughen her up as well!

Nina said...

My goodness I can only see how Shane was with the police reminds of Cassi, Megan and Shane getting arrested at the parade for hozing the queen of the parade--hope Cassi has better memories of Cedar as a college student... I find it so funny they made Shane do a sobriety test hilarious.... Always a good time in Cedar...I agree with Megan time to get a boy into that home of yours Mandi toughen those cute girls up.... I guess Aidan and Davyn are way toooo nice to your girls....

The Scotts said...

That is hilarious. I wonder if Shane's friend told the cop to do that once he saw Shane's name.

Poor London, that is hilarious. Sometimes I feel like that too when I pray and don't want to say certain things.

sista # 2 said...

The cousin prayer is so funny!Kids
are so blunt :) The police thing
is not funny, how crazy!At least
there was no ticket :)

Amy said...'ve been hope for a week now!

Megan said...

Hello hello? Does Mandi exist in this blogging world anymore? Oh fine, I'm going to call you and make you blog again.

Nina said...

MANDI time to update the BLOG I need to see some new pictures!!!

Angie said...

When are you coming back?