Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been back from Utah for a while now and am just now blogging after much harassment from EVERYONE. The other day I joked to Megan that I was quiting blogging when she asked and she very seriously said "that's not funny, Mandi." I know how she feels - blogging is what keeps me updated on the growth of her boys and pictures because, well, phone calls just can't do that. So I'm back to blogging.

And now I have A TON of catch-up to do, but I figured I'd start with Utah pictures in a few installments because there are so many memories and pictures that I want to remember. The girls really had a blast with their cousins. So, here we go - be prepared for LOTS OF PICTURES!
Oh how I wish they'd stayed this way for the whole 8 hour trip!
Poor Savy was rather squished in the middle, but it was more
economical to take Cyndee's car than mine.
besides, she and Reagan bonded.
Once we arrived, Savannah had no issues jumping right in (literally) as you can see her in mid-air about to join the wresle-mania that was a daily thing.
Noah, Savy, Crew, London, Wesley, and Wyatt.
Movie time. We learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a movie that 6 toddlers will all sit and watch - this picture must have been taken during the first fifteen minutes because they didn't last long.
London, Savy, Crew, and Wesley.
One day, tired of fixing lunch for all the little people who barely ate it, Grandma Cyndee decided that we would just have ice cream cones for lunch. The kids didn't complain.
Yeah, they ate lots of treats with Grandma.

To close up this installment of Utah pictures:
THE CHEETOH (my personal favorite) Here's Gina with the kids. It's so nice to hang out with Regina. She's so laid back and easy-going. She's great.
The kids are ready to go and I'm questioning if I can really do this.
Ready to go. Wyatt and Wesley in the front, London, Noah, Savy and Crew in the back.


Amy said...

I LOVE your biking pics! And yay for the promise of more! I love seeing those Utah kids, so I can't wait to see more of them. Crew & Noah look so grown up to me. I'm so excited to see them in July!

sherry said...

Boy, I know what you mean about documenting your whole trip. I just posted one day at a time after our trip to Utah. Love all of the pictures, and totally dig the cheeto! Where can I get one of those, anyway?

Megan said...

First of all, I had no idea your hair was dark again, I really like it. Second, the boys look so grown up, and Cyndee's diet of donuts and ice cream is so typical. And third, only Shane would buy a cheetoh, so crazy, but looks like so much fun. I'm so bummed, this is my first summer without a trip to Utah!

Nina said...

I think Wyatt looks BIG... I am sure you had a blast and glad to get back home... I am glad you are back posting pictures I ck everyday to see how everyone is doing...Thanks love you...

Angie said...

I love that Cheetoh thing. Never seen anything like it before!

I love that Cyndee fed them dessert for lunch. Cute!

I'm completely jealous that you guys were wearing sweaters in May (or was it June?). Why do I live in AZ???