Monday, June 30, 2008


Another thing that happened in May that I never posted about was that Nate's brother, Casey, finished his basic training and came home for about two weeks. These pictures are from the first time we saw him when he came back. We had a dinner at Jill's house. It was good to see Casey again.
Savy wearing Dallin and Ryan's dress-up clothes
Dallin - I am always amazed at how big Dallin is getting.
I can't hardly believe that next summer he'll be 8 and baptized!
I remember when he was born!
Luke - the cutest bug ever that avoids me like the plague,
but has fun flirting with Aunt Mandi - from a distance.
My girls do not do video games very well, so they need a lot of help
getting the hand of the Wii when we're over at Jill and Marc's house.
Uncle Casey babysitting London's toy dog.
Casey's little girl, Chevi, is the cutest and happiest thing ever!
One happy girl.
Happy to have her daddy back.


Amy said...

So many cute pics of the girls with their cousins!

Megan said...

How nice for Casey to be home, even if it's just for a short visit. Looks like fun!

The Scotts said...

What cute pictures and cute girls you have!!