Monday, May 11, 2009

Joyschool Graduation

Porter, Talmage, Sydnie, Davyn, Mackenzie and London.

I don't know what's funnier, Mackenzie's crazy dancing or London's dancing where she distorts her body without really moving. Preschoolers are so funny!

London had her Joyschool Graduation at Amy's house (2 weeks ago? or was it last week? I don't remember). Amy is so good at putting things together and it turned out so cute. They made graduation hats, wrote thank-you notes to all the moms/teachers, sang an ABC song, sang the days of the week and put on a play -- Billy Goat's Gruff. London used Nate's favorite Halloween mask to be the grumpy old troll under the bridge. She loved it, but it turns out Talmage was afraid of the mask and wouldn't participate, but other than that, it all turned out so cute.

Talmage is our next-door neighbor who London and Savs love to play with. He also plans on marrying London. His mom told me he was asking once about the families and babies, etc. She explained about Adam and Eve and then how he would have children some day too to which he replied, "no, London will." London stole his heart by liking to play with "boy toys."


Amy said...

It's so funny to watch the video...they all hammed up the dancing when we practiced, but Kenz seriously OWNED it at show time!

I need to blog this. For D.

Megan said...

I love the graduation hats, you guys are so creative. And the explanation that London would have the babies, had me cracking up. Kids are hilarious.

Mandy said...

Their dancing was too funny!

Rachel said...

Too Cute! Evan's graduation is next week and we're so excited:)

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Ah, the joys of Joy School! Love the hats and we had done the Billy Goat's Gruff last year. The kids will still play it!