Thursday, November 5, 2009

London's first lost tooth

On Sunday London lost her first tooth
(thank you, Halloween candy).

It turned out to be a rather dramatic experience between London's excitement and Savannah's despair (she, 15 months older, has yet to lose a tooth). I think Savy's the only first grader with all her baby teeth still . . . and it really bothers her. She even has one growing in behind a baby tooth, but that little tooth is happy where it is and doesn't want to dislodge! The last two times we've been to the dentist she's asked why she hasn't lost any teeth yet.

And now London beat her to it.

Sometimes having little sisters just isn't fun.

The whole experience has made me ponder about all the little competitions and issues we may have while having two girlies growing up so close in age. Should be fun. . .


Rachel said...

I don't envy you with two girls so close together BUT you're the perfect Mom for the job.

Susan said...

That is funny. I'm actually glad that I saw this tonight since I have yet to be a reliable tooth fairy and this reminded me that Bethany just lost a tooth today. Thanks!!