Monday, March 17, 2008

Savy's Birthday

. . . was tiring.

And I thought not having a party would spare me from being worn out. Apparently not.

Savannah raked it in for her birthday, but mostly in the clothes department. It's a good thing her birthday's in the spring because every spring I go to her closet and she has no clothes that fit her for the warming weather. So I decided Friday to just take her out shopping on her own and my my my she has some wild taste. I had to hold her back a little and we compromised on other things. So she's set for her spring/summer/hopefully fall wardrobe which I'm hoping will cause no fits over what to wear since she picked most of it out.

Then when Nate got home, we went to our new Target as a family. Yes, a Target just opened not ten minutes away from us and I am thrilled! New shoes and a movie and we were off to have movie night. That was a bad idea, but we didn't realize it until Sunday when our children were hellions in church, due to the crazy late nighters Fri and Sat. Note to self: children who are on a strict 7:00 bedtime don't do well with two late nighters and two crazy-busy days in a row.

Saturday my cousin, Chad, got married. I love hearing the sealer's advice and remembering my wedding day. Of course, I teared up, being pregnant and hormonal and all. It's just so beautiful and peaceful inside the temple. My baby was going crazy and I hoped nobody noticed that my stomach was moving like crazy like an alien was inside wanting out.

Nate took the girls to the movies and a big day out while I attended the wedding then we went to the reception that night. It was gorgeous and fun to see my cousins whom I never see. I still can't believe that those Jones boys are all grown up and married -- although I shouldn't since I'm 30 years old! Gosh, this all makes me feel old. Chad is great and although I don't know his new wife, I know she made a good choice and will have a fabulous hubby!

On to Sunday -- Sundays are always tiring since we changed church times to 2-5. It's just not fun coming home from church at 5:30. We had a little dinner with Nate's parents, Jill and Marc, and Amy. (Jim stayed home with D who hopefully hasn't gotten the strep/bronchitis combo Amy had last week.) It was nice and relaxed and Savy was thrilled with the presents even though a bit disappointed at the cake. I am usually on top of it and enlist someone to make a cool cake (like my mom or Amy), but this year I just didn't want to do anything. So although I loved it and it tasted divine, Savy didn't buy it. But I told her we'd make pink cupcakes this week and she's happy.

Here are some cute pics from last night.
I guess if I were a five-year old that white, boring cake wouldn't thrill me either. It was great though - I'll post the recipe on Amy's food blog this week. Beautiful Sav
London and Ryan.
I think that Ryan looks so much like Nate's brother, Rob, in these pictures. Savannah and Ryan
Aidan and Savy. I absolutely adore this picture. Cousins. London, Savy, Ryan and Aidan. Dr. Savannah

One of the hits of the night was the doctor kid hand-picked by Aidan and Davyn. The kids had a blast "doctoring up" Grandpa Pat and daddy. Another hit were the aprons that Amy made for the girls. Savannah loves cooking and wants to be a chef when she grows up (I'll post about that later with more cute pics). I think they turned out darling. But at the end of the day, Savy told me her favorite thing was the glitter/princess color wonder book Jill got her. She loves coloring/drawing as we all know. My little artist.

I can't believe how fast time flies and it makes me a little sad to see her grow up so fast. When it was bedtime and I was hugging her tightly, I told her she'd always be my baby even when she was a "wedding girl" to which she replied: "I am not going to get married and be a wedding girl, mom. I am just going to grow up and be a big sister and stay with you."

I can handle that. . . for now.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Savannah, I really can't believe she is 5! I still remember going to the Phx Art Museum with Meg the morning after she was born and Meg was like a zombie, because you were in labor all night. I understand about the late church we are 2:30-5:30 and it is SO hard! I don't think anyone does well when you get out of church around 5... me inculded!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Savannah. This makes me tear up. Kids really are sweet and even though they say they will never grow up, inside you know the truth.

Melissa and Erik said...

Those are great pictures!
She is absolutely glowing!

Amy said...

I'm loving your first sentence! She really did know that it was her day & she loved every bit of it!

Mandy said...

Your girls are so cute! I love their grins while wearing their new aprons. Happy Birthday Savannah!

Heather said...

What a crazy fun weekend. I am excited to see the cake recipe! Sad that things like that excite me, no?