Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Word of the Week: nonplus

nonplus /vt. / to put at a loss as to what to think, say, or do. bewilder. to render utterly perplexed. puzzle completely. baffle. astound. dismay. daze. boggle. flummox.

nonplus /vt./ 1. After two weeks of slacking on the word of the week, I'm back on track. I haven't felt like blogging. Maybe it's because I'm completely nonplussed as to what to say because I am too tired and busy (more in my mind) getting ready for this baby.

nonplus /vt./ 2. Last Sunday we had the worst sacrament meeting of our lives which left me quite nonplussed. Literally. It had nothing to do with the meeting itself, just our children. I seriously do not know what happened, but London was hysterically silly like I've never seen before. We could not even get through to her. We had had a busy busy weekend so I chalked it up to exhaustion and had Nate take her home. He said she was in a deep sleep the minute she hit the pillow. Savy had been bad also, but I figured I could at least control her. She was fine during the rest of the meeting, but then she was a bit wild during Primary and I was so embarrassed. What can you do?

nonplus /vt./ 3. On another note about sacrament meeting last week, I noticed that one of the speakers was a girl in our ward and I knew for a fact that she was due on the following Wed -- three days later. I was, once again, completely nonplussed. I went up to her afterwards and expressed my feelings of shock that they would ask her to speak when she was due that week.

I cursed myself.

Monday night the phone call comes and we're asked to speak. Nonplussed once again, but of course I said yes. Then it hit me that we were just asked to speak on Easter Sunday. I felt even more nonplussed, I mean, people expect something fabulous on Easter Sunday. So I spent the week thinking, worrying, and working on my talk.

nonplus /vt./ 4. I am nonplussed at how men can get up Sunday morning and then write and deliver a great talk (well maybe not all men, but Nate can). His talk was amazing and truly from the heart. Mine turned out good except that I was nervous and kept pushing my belly into the pulpit, thus upsetting the girly inside into fits of movement which made it hard to concentrate on my talk, but it turned out good, I think. She moved even more when Nate was up there talking. This girl knows her dad's voice and absolutely loves it. Every night after the girls are in bed and we're talking about whatever, she goes crazy when she hears his voice. I love it.

nonplus /vt./ 5. I am still nonplussed and trying to figure out exactly what happened last night.

2:00 AM we hear both girls screaming bloody murder (seriously). Nate jumps out of bed before I can even register what is happening. They are both in London's bed screaming hysterically. Apparently there were "snakes" in Savy's bed so she went down to be with London and then woke her up and freaked her out. We got them settled back down, turned on the closet light for them, and went back to bed.

A half an hour later, Nate goes in there because we can still hear them and they're in the closet playing barbies. He decides to take them downstairs for a little snack. So there's our whole family (pregnant me can never resist a midnight snack) eating grapes and granola bars at about 3:00 am. Back to bed.

Half an hour later, they both come in and Nate lets them in our bed. Now this is serious because I NEVER let my kids sleep in my bed -- it's my one place that's mine (because even my own body isn't mine as a mom). But I was so tired I didn't care anymore. Ten minutes in our bed -- thank goodness for CA King beds - and Savy sees a "snake." Nate actually does too and the girls go hysterical once again. Before I know it, London is on top of me, holding me for dear life and calling my name.

Lights on and Nate explains to Savannah that she saw static in the dark and it did, indeed, look like a little snake, but it wasn't. Mystery solved. However, to Savannah, static electricity is just as scary as a snake, but sleeping next to daddy makes it all better and she falls asleep quickly. I, however, have London practically on top of me and jabbing and poking me so I finally gave up and went on the couch where I had lovely sleep while Nate and the girls were left to fend for themselves in MY bed. It was a weird night, to say the least.

I did tell Nate, though, that we are lucky this is the first time Savy's woken up completely freaked out about something. I mean, five years and we've had pretty good nights of sleeping compared to what I hear other parents say.


Melissa M. said...

I will say it again, your talk was excellent!
What a crazy night, does it make you nervous for tonight? I hope that peace will be restored for them and especially for you.

Susan said...

It is pretty amazing that you have gone 5 years without any freak outs. Bethany wakes up with bad dreams all the time. I hope tonight you can get some better sleep.

Isaac and Kristi said...

Love the word. I'm gonna have to use that in my daily life now!

Mandy said...

What a crazy night for you! You guys must have been exhausted.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Should I be laughing right now? That was funny and I'm sorry for laughing b/c Jeremy and I have been there - Evan has nightmares and screams bloody murder once a week - but the way you explained it made me laugh. And even though I was not there for your talk I am sure that it was great. Jermey's the same way - he can wake up on Sunday, write a talk and people talk about it for a month! Oh well - hopefully that trait will be passed on to the kids!

Angie said...

I just called Jus in to read this to him. SO funny! I think it's so amusing when kids get up to play in the middle of the night (maybe it's only funny when it's someone else's kids). Sorry you didn't sleep great. Along with the entire family in bed with you, being 9 months pregnant can't help.

Tiffany said...

This is the perfect word for the effect kids frequently have on their parents! :) What a week! I hope everything goes well for you and your new baby--all the best!