Friday, July 11, 2008

London's Birthday

Guess who's 4!

Grandma Cyndee bailed me out. I've been such a slacker lately and figured our weekend away was enough for London, but my mom didn't agree. So she made dinner and cake for everyone and all I had to do was make sure my house was decently clean. Not a bad deal. London is obsessed with Wall-e lately and so Cyndee delivered the goods with the cake, shirt, and figurines. Thanks, mom. She's totally not excited about the Wall-e figurines.
I just crack up at this picture - what exactly is Savy doing?
Baby Cinderella was a hit - although more with Savannah, I think. I just had to get a picture of Reagan sitting on her cousin whom we'll meet next month. Jill is seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever! Reagan gets a kiss from the birthday girl.


Heather said...

Cake decorating must run in your family! Serious skills you women have. Happy Birthday!

michelle said...

It is so fun to catch up on your blog. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!!! :)