Thursday, July 24, 2008


The other night we were getting the girls ready for bed and Nate went to move Savy's pillow only to find that it wouldn't move -- she had glued her pillow to her bed. Luckily it was only Elmer's Glue and water-soluble. Nate and I just tried not to laugh too much in front of her. It's funny how sometimes you get so frustrated and angry with children and then sometimes all you can do is laugh.

On another note, someone is getting
Well, maybe they're not quite THUNDER THIGHS yet, but they're getting there.
Give it a few more months.
Miss Reagan sure is cute.
The other day we went shopping with Grandma Cyndee and I forgot my stroller so we just tried this umbrella one out and were amazed at how well Reagan fit in it and how big she looked. She absolutely loved it because she could see everything.
But so much excitement wore the poor girl out.


Kaylea P Photography said...

I love the glued pillow! How funny. Maybe she got sick of it sliding around and wanted it to stay put. Ha ha.

Yeah, I'd love to help you with your blog. Call me. I'm usually home doing nothing all day. I can literaly make it look completely different in about 30 minutes. I'm pretty fast now because I've made so many. Just let me know when you're ready to do it.

by the way, did you need an invination sent to your e-mail so you can look at the blog signed in as your own name...or did you already get an invitation. If you need an invitation e-mail me at Thanks!

Melissa M. said...

Those pictures of her in the stoller are so cute! I like how cozy she looks sleeping.

Mandy said...

Love the thunder thighs! She is such a cutie!

To answer your question, we live in Belgrade Montana which is about 8 miles from Bozeman where the Bridger mountains are located.

sherry said...

SHe looks so old in an umbrella stroller! It seems like she was just born! Very cute rolls on that kid. To me, babies don't look right unless they are chubby. The glue on the pillow is just so silly. Where do they come up with this stuff? Luckily, she doesn't have more destructive ideas;) I noticed you have a friend that lives in Montana near Bozeman. I went to High school in Bozeman for a semester . Loved it. Find myself wanting to go back to maybe escape this heat...;)

The White's said...

The glue thing is a new one for me. I don't think I could have not laughed. Very funny. Do you think she was afraid she would lose her pillow or her sisters might take it?
Your baby is so cute and very

Amy said...

Reagan has nothing on your Sav. There was a baby with true thunder thighs! I'm in love with Reagan. And am hugely excited to steal her a lot this weekend. I've got the baby dangerous!

Rachel said...

Reagan is getting so BIG... I can't believe how quickly they grow in that first year.

Tiffany said...

glue on the pillow and thunder thighs! Don't kids just keep you jumping? It is much better to laugh than cry! :)

Megan said...

I seriously can not believe that your child GLUED her pillow! What the heck?? I'm wondering what you did, I would have been cracking up, yet thinking I should probably spank? I don't know...have yet to run into intersting dilemmas such as that.
And Reagan is so darn cute. I hate that I don't know her!