Sunday, August 3, 2008


I tried to decide whether to put her in London or Savannah's dress because I didn't see the need to spend money on a new dress at this time, but in the end, Cyndee, found a cute, simple dress and brought it over. I love it. So delicate and cute.

Reagan and daddy. Reagan and Papa Pat. I really wish I'd gotten more pictures, but I was too busy getting dinner together. We had Amy and Jim, Jill and Marc, Pat and Norma and Cyndee over for dinner after the blessing. It's always fun to have everyone over and just sit and talk. But I failed to get Norma or Cyn or anyone else photographed that day. I didn't even get the girlies with Reagan.

But somehow we remembered to snap a family picture before dinner. I don't really want to post it because I look really trashed, but here's to posterity, right?

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