Friday, August 29, 2008

Five for Friday

1. Yesterday was odd. After taking all five kids to Costco (yes, people look at us strangely sometimes), Amy and I split the kids up to play at our houses. The only problem was that both my girls wanted to play with Aidan and neither Amy nor I wanted all the kids (too wild). Davyn was convinced he wanted to be with me. So Amy took the girls and A while I took Reagan and D. Can I just say, I love this boy? He played for hours by himself. One time when I went to check up on him, he was softly singing Old MacDonald to himself. So cute. I'm up for that trade any day. 2. Nothing like freshly laundered whites to snuggle up for a cozy nap. This is what I found after leaving the room for a minute this morning. So cute, bib and all.

3. I realized that I've been posting about Reagan and Savannah a lot lately, but this girly's been ignored on this blog. So here's to London -- the cutest and quirkiest girl ever! She so wants to be in kindergarten and can't wait for next year. Every day she sits down with us as Savy and I do her homework and she does her own "homework." Actually, I sometimes have to reign her back from giving Savannah all the answers.
4. Last weekend, Nate and I took Savannah to the Bass ProShops Outdoor World. London chose to stay with Reagan at Nate's parents' house. I just love this picture because it's classic Savannah -- dressed to a T, although I don't know how she got away with that skirt because it's rather short. . . Everyone in the store had to comment about her BLING. Bling on her purse, bling on her shirt, necklace bling. She's a BLING girl, what can I say?
5. Last, but not least, I have a new niece!!!! Paige was born Monday afternoon. Both she and Jill are home now and doing fine. Nate and I were lucky enough to get to see her that night so these pictures are of her when she was only 3-4 hours old. So cute. I can't wait to see what she grows up to look like. I'm also ecstatic that my girls (Reagan especially) will actually have a GIRL cousin here in the Valley.


Mandy said...

The picture of Reagan snuggled in the laundry is adorable.

Congratulations on your new niece. It will be so fun for those girls to grow up together. I'm thankful Ryley has Phoebe to grow up with. If only they got to see each other more.

Amy said...

I'm loving your new look. So fresh & clean. I just about died of wonderment when I drove away with the 3, leaving the D. He seriously was fine playing on his own. And I'm sure he loved his Reagan time.

I'm excited to start our little school with London & D...she'll love it I'm sure.

Congrats to Jill! Little Paige is very cute.

Megan said...

The story of Davyn is a crack up. I hope you enjoyed your best friend for the day. And I like the new blog look, very nice.

Angie said...

Reagan's nap with the laundry picture is SO cute. And D is such a sweetheart. Glad he had fun with all those pink toys!!