Wednesday, September 3, 2008


does this mean what I think it does?
just curious because NONE of my babies have ever done this
maybe it will pass, but for now I think it's darling

Target makes every girl happy, doesn't it?


Amy said...

The second caption should be "Aunt Amy makes for a happy baby" because I believe she was staring at me in that picture! And Target makes for a happy Aunt Amy, I suppose, so it all works out.

Cute pics, cute girl.

Melissa M. said...

It is really cute when they find their thumb, but do NOT let it become a habit (spoken by a mom who regrets letting baby girl do that).
She is so sweet, I love her smiles!

Nina said...

Mandi~ Reagan is so darn beautiful? I guess that is why you have girls and I had boys... I hope all is well sure enjoy reading about your family you look GREAT.... Love ya.

Angie said...

Those pictures are so dang cute. I have one thumb sucker, but only at bedtime. It melts me every time I lay her down and her thumb goes straight in.

Mandy said...

I wish Target made Ry that happy. That is where her biggest tantrums take place.