Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All in a day's work (I mean play)

this is my house at the moment . . . and it's only 3:00!
the abandoned bedroom
the abandoned "school room"
the occupied bathtub

(London does have clothes on - sort of - it's a swimsuit!)

oh - to be young again!


Mandy said...

My house looks alarmingly similar, except that I only have one wee-one to lay the blame on.

It always seems like in the time I have cleaned up one mess, another is looming around the corner. So be it!

cyndee said...

You are a great mom! Kids love to play and set up a room for some pretend grown-up activity. At my house it is the kitchen that usually is their focal point. Last time they had potato chips as their cooking ingredient until Savannah, or was it Aidan, got the idea to mix it with water. Time to clean-up then.

Amy said...

Their imaginations never stop. I'm being amused right now as I eavesdrop on the conversations of London & D. Muy interesante!

Michele Garvin said...


Hi, My name is Michele Romney and I am your dad's first cousin. I am Aunt Pearl's youngest. I am trying to put together a family video with pictures of your family in it. But I can't find an email for anyone. Could you email your mom's email addrss at please. I would love to see your pictures of your family and how you all have grown. Thanks, Michele

michelle said...

It looks like the kids had a fun day!!! Your girls are darling!