Thursday, October 2, 2008

Comic Relief

Lately I have heard a couple funny things said around the house:

1. The other day I was making dinner and I hear Savannah and London chatting in the pantry. "So, are you still going to be a puzzle-maker when you grow up, London? You ARE so good at puzzles." I never heard that one about being a puzzle-maker. In fact, I never really considered if people really become puzzle-makers because I'm sure it's all a machine and London will be crushed.

2. I have a FHE thing from my old ward that has a notebook of short stories/concepts that goes along with a ziplock full of little things to represent those stories. The girls LOVE it because they get to pick something out of the bag and I tell them the story or teach the concept. They think it's so fun and I think it's great that they're learning gospel principles and scripture stories. They especially liked the David and Goliath story the other day.

So last week Savannah, being obsessed with school and pencils, chose the pencil. The gospel concept was all about record-keeping and how the Book of Mormon was a record that prophets kept. We talked also about journals. Great. A week passes. Then the other day I was telling them for some reason or other how our house burned down in the middle of the night when I was a little girl (5th grade to be exact). Savannah was enthralled hearing how I had to run out of my bed to get out of the house. After the story, she got up and declared: "Mom, you should put that in the Book of Mormon."

3. London and Savannah have been playing in the other room and London just came in and told me "mommy, I need to go in time-out because I just hit Nana." Hmmm. . . what does that mean to me as a parent? Is that good or bad? I honestly don't know.

4. The other day London was freaking out about something -- she though ants were crawling on her. I hear Savannah yelling from the other room, "London,it's just a fig of your imagination." I went into Sav's room and asked what she'd said -- yep, she said "fig of your imagination." I love that they learn new words and try to implement them. I thought that was pretty dang good for a 5-year old.

5. A couple weeks ago we tried something new (from my childhood). We french-braided Sav's hair after her bath and when she woke up it was perfectly wavy. She loved it. While waiting to be picked up, she said,

"Mom, I look like a rock star!"

So I had to take a picture of my little rock star who was perfectly dressed for her recitation of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that day (notice her star shirt - she's very aware of what she wears). I love it that they already have to memorize poems, just a month in!

: she did not get to recite her poem that day and was very sad -- oh the joy of having your last name start with W - she'll always be last!


Mandy said...

Your girls are so cute! I love the pig tails and wavy hair. My mom always braided our hair after baths too. Now I do it for Ry but she never keeps the braid in all night.

Can you e-mail me your address sometime?


Melissa M. said...

I love when you tell stories about your girls, they are so creative!

Tiffany said...

What cute stars you have at your house!

Megan said...

They are hilarious. This reminds me of some things the boys have said recently, I need to write those down. It's so much fun to read back on the little things, and they love to hear them as well.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

You are really good about writing down the funny things your kids say to each other. Jeremy and I talk about it but never write it down. I need to be like you and just write it down! Love the hair! She did look like a rock star and that wasn't a "fig of her imagination!"

Amy said...

did I not write on this??? I love your girls. And I need to start following your example in writing down more of what the boys say.