Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nate's older brother sent his kids down for the week to stay with Pat and Norma. My girlies were very exited to see Emma whom they haven't seen since Thanksgiving -- that is, after I convinced them that it wasn't Elli and Xandi coming from Paris. They have an obsession with Elli and Xandi even though they have yet to meet Xandi and have meet Elli only once, I think. Mail and pictures are our way of knowing them.

Back to Emma and Ethan -- my girls LOVE their older cousins -- Emma, Andersyn, and Madalyn. So this was a real treat. Poor Pat and Norma, though, their house was bursting at the seams with excited, yelling, hyper cousins. We finally rounded them up for a group picture:

London, Emma, Reagan, Savannah, Luke, Ethan, Dallin, and Ryan.

Luke loves Reagan. He's always getting bottles for her and handing them to me.
Sweet little Emma brought gifts for all the kids.
The girls each got a necklace with their name in beads and some jewels which Ethan claimed were stolen by Emma from his pirate stash. . . She made baby Paige a blanket. That girl is a blur of pink! I'm so glad Jill finally has her girl after three boys! Paige should always be surrounded by pink!!!
Reagan got a doll, stuffed personally by Emma. Ready for bed, Reagan wasn't too tired to check out her gift.
First she looked at it, felt it and then embraced it with true love as it went into the mouth.


Melissa M. said...

Reagan makes me want another baby.

Amy said...

go for it, Melissa!

Megan said...

That looks like a full house! Cousin get togethers are always so much fun, even if it is a bunch of chaos with all the kids.
Reagan is getting so big I can't hardly believe it. Some of her looks remind me of Caleb.

The Scotts said...

Reagan is adorable! What nice cousins to bring presents for everyone.