Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the Love of Nie and Pumpkin Carving

"I'm tired of your post." Amy declared this morning. I agree. I can't explain why I haven't posted - I just haven't really thought about it (and, no, I'm NOT pregnant). That must be why she came and took Savy and London for the afternoon. . .

All I can say is that Mommy Waller (Savannah's new name for me) is tired. In case you are wondering how to spell Mommy Waller, here it is:
Reagan is almost 7 months and has no teeth and yet she has been teething for the past four months! She's a mini-vampire with all the intense sucking that girl does! I think one is about to break out and she and I are both suffering from lack of sleep due to the discomfort. Poor girl.

So Saturday night, I went to the NieNie Benefits Concert. I am so glad I did. I really liked Mindy's music and this song simply made me bawl (only watch this video if you're prepared to cry - I just watched it again and couldn't help it). The whole time I just thought how they must be missing having a mom right now. They are loved and surrounded by loving people, no doubt, but nobody can replace a mom. My heart just ached for them as they stood up there, sisters, hand-in-hand. It made me even more grateful for my three little girls.
Not the best picture, but they were so dang cute! Other news from the concert - I actually went up on stage and won this t-shirt .

Anyone who knows me, knows that I wouldn't just go up on stage in front of a thousand people - and you're right. I was talking to Jill about something and not paying attention when Amy nudged me and said - you know what a chupacabra is, raise your hand. So I did. And all of a sudden, next thing I know, I'm on stage next to Chup, explaining something lame about how he's named after some mystery monster who comes and sucks the blood out of your animals at night. I probably looked like a dork up there, but oh well - I really wouldn't have raised my hand so enthusiastically if I had known. Honestly, though, I was quite shocked that NOBODY in Mormon Mesa knew what that meant -- where were all the South American RMs???? I couldn't have been the only one! At least I got a t-shirt!
Sisters - Amy, Me and Jill (Nate's sister, but I claim her as my own now)
Amy, Stacey and I.

Last night we carved pumpkins.
It was the beginning of the Halloween Festivities.
I'm learning that Halloween is not just one night. With kids it gets stretched out and out and out. Pumpkins last night, ward trunk or treat tonight, preschool party tomorrow, kindergarten party Friday and then the big night.
All in all, I will have to dress them up 3 times!
What ever happened to just Halloween night???
Pumpkin carving is serious business in Nate's book. I had to contain super-hyper-excited girls all afternoon. Their excitement is infectious and we all had a blast. And don't you just love those lovely toes in the left-hand corner? Delectable.
Reagan didn't last the whole time in the bouncy seat - Miss Independent demanded to sit smack in the middle of the island for a better view. Luckily, I was already done with my pumpkin. She's got those amazing blue eyes. . . London refused to put her hands in the pumpkins, but Savy loved the dirty work. Nate likes scary.I like traditional.

Which do you like?


Melissa M. said...

Hey, great post!
I knew what a chupacabra was from watching The X Files in High School.
I like the traditional look too.

Megan said...

Wow, I'm so excited you finally posted again. Loved the pics and pumpkin carving.
I'll call tomorrow.
That Reagan is a doll. I can't believe how big she is getting.

Heather said...

First, amazing blue eyes. Second, it was good to see you at the concert and I am glad you won with your smarts.

AZAlgers said...

I'm with you - This has been the longest week with all the Halloween stuff, and it's only Weds. Your girls looked so cute - I guess it's good they get to dress up so many times!