Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ready for the big night!
3 witches and a snow princess!
(the littlest witch didn't like her hat)
London really embraced the witch persona, cackling for everyone.
Dad stayed and handed out candy.
This house has been the talk of the littles for weeks so we had to go by it. Savannah studied him for a while. I thought it was a statue, but when she got closer, he moved. I would have screamed and ran, but she just stepped back a little and continued checking him out -- how brave! London, on the other hand, was literally shaking in her skin at this house. Poor girl.
These two relished being something "scary."I loved Aidan's mummy costume. By the end of the night
he was "unraveling" and it was awesome! Then we picked up daddy and went to Melissa's party.
Here's the cake Amy made for it.
Melissa out-bid everyone on Amy's blog during the NieNie auction day.
At home, we threw off our clothes and collapsed, but not before Reagan found her favorite new toy: the snake from Granma Cyndee's hair. I just love her witchy tights and that belly flabbing over -- love the flab (and the crazy eyes)!I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Today, we're just chillin' out at home.

These are the two best lines of the day:

London: "Jeepers, Savannah, how do you open this candy?"

Savannah: "I can't wait for Thanksgiving to eat pie! I love pie!"

Move over Halloween, Thanksgiving is around the corner!


Megan said...

It's really sad how excited I was to see all the Halloween costumes and pictures of you guys. Wish I could have been there, it looked like you all had a blast.

Mandy said...

Those are great costumes!

Angie said...

I love all the costumes. And Cyn looks great too!!

Was the green face hard to clean off? It cracks me up that she was cackling for everyone!! So cute.

Amy said...

I like your new look. And I'm lovin' those last two comments from your girls. They are hilarious!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

First of all, where do you find time to update your blog? What's your secret???? Second of all, your kids looked great! Third of all, can I fly your sister to MN and she can teach me how she makes those fabulous cakes??? I would fly you out too of course (oh if I were only a millionaire...)!