Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Open Heart Surgery

Today I am grateful that Caleb's surgery went well.

It's been a year of stress and worry over this boy's heart condition. Yes, a year. When Megan and I were early on in our pregnancies, she found out that he had heart problems. So although we were pregnant at the same time, our pregnancies and births and children have been totally different experiences. She has been going to 3+ doctors appointments a week for about a year now and it seems that every time I talk to her, one of her other two boys is sick or throwing up. She's been through A LOT this year.

But today has been the day we in my family have anxiously awaited and yet dreaded at the same time.

And it's over.

6 hours of surgery - faster than expected because two cardiologists came to the party.

Running errands today, Amy called and read me Meg's AM post about letting her baby go into surgery. I just stood there in the men's department of Target crying and not caring what people thought. I can't imagine how Megan and Tom made it through those six hours today, but I am grateful that the Lord was looking out for them and Caleb.

Nothing like Thanksgiving in a hospital.

Actually, there's an uplifting story to that. There was a missionary who loved their family and Caleb in particular. About three weeks ago he was transferred to Iowa City (where the hospital is located). Before he left, they told him to look them up in the hospital because they'd be there for the surgery the week of Thanksgiving.

The day after the elder transferred, Megan received a call from the Stake President's wife in Iowa City. She told Megan that every year she and her husband pray about who in their ward they should invite to dinner for Thanksgiving. They hadn't received an answer yet when they met the this elder. All he could talk about was Megan and Tom and the Stake President and his wife knew why their prayers hadn't been answered. Now they get to have a real Thanksgiving dinner despite open heart surgery for Caleb two days before.

Yes, the Lord was looking out for them in more ways than one. I love this story because sometimes we forget that the Lord knows EVERYTHING about us and in this instance, I feel like He was looking out for not only the big thing (surgery), but also the little thing that would mean a lot to them like where to have a Thanksgiving dinner (rather than take-out or hospital food). It's amazing what the Lord can you do if you trust and put your life in His hands.

For updates and pictures, go here.


Amy said...

Beautiful thoughts, Mandi. I'm glad this day is over..it's crazy to be half a country away, but so completely absorbed in what might be happening. It's so easy to look back on all of this and see the Lord's guidance and love.

Megan said...

Thanks for writing such a sweet post. Hey, are you not allowing comments anymore? I wanted to tell you how cute your girls are, I can't believe how big Reagan is, and how much hair she has, what a doll.