Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kindergarten Pictures

I just realized what a blogger slacker I am (happens about once a month). So I am determined to being better this week. For starters, I think I'll post Savannah's super-cute school pictures. It's not the best picture ever of her, but I love her tentative smile - it says so much about all that is new in kindergarten and they're just winging it until they're pros (1st graders). You can bet she had a say in the clothes and hairstyle of that day. In fact, about two weeks ago, she bumped her eye on a table she was trying to hide under (in a hurry) and got herself a shiner. When it started bruising up a couple days later, she said, "good thing I already got my pictures taken."


Megan said...

She so darn cute, and blonde! The smile says it all.
We decided not to get school pictures this year. First of all, they're so expensive, you only get one shot, and it's always awful, and Collin was sick on picture day and had poison ivy all over his face on retake day, and you can't buy one child's picture without buying the others. Plus, I plan on using Amy's fabulous photo skills to do pictures from now on. I can take as many as I like and only have to pay to have whichever one I want printed. I like that idea. Unless she starts charging me!

Amy said...

I forgot you hadn't posted this yet. She is hilarious. Can you believe they're nearly half way through Kindergarten???