Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hate . . .

I hate sleeping alone.

I really hate sleeping alone.

Thursday night we slept at my in-laws so I didn't notice it so much, but last night I kept myself up until almost midnight and then turned on the tv and dozed off only to wake up at 4 AM to turn off the muted tv and go back into sleep-land.

Reagan slept through the night (until 5:30) which was a blessing because the last few months she has not been a good sleeper and I've been a lazy mom. Perhaps I'm enjoying my baby a bit too much this time around and now she's flat out spoiled. Last night, however, I did the deed and had her cry herself to sleep without me going in and rescuing. She only lasted ten minutes and I was fine with that. The real test is how long it takes her tonight.

Back to how much I hate sleeping alone and wish Nate would hurry up and get home. . .

I do hate it, but I can't complain about waking up to this:

Breakfast in bed and a gift (the remote to the fan) from Savy and London. They also made breakfast for dad because they forgot he was gone.

and this:They made themselves "breakfast," turned on quiet cartoons, turned on the Christmas tree lights and let me sleep in until 8:00 when they brought me my breakfast in bed.

and this: I guess I shouldn't complain -- how many people get to wake up to these cuties?

only me.