Monday, December 1, 2008

Savannah and London's latest

"If your mother died, what would you feel like?"

Yesterday I was in the family room working on some things and that's what I hear, immediately followed by a sorrowful "sad" in the same voice.

Savannah's playing Sunday School again.

Do they ask questions like that in Sunday School? I guess in Savannah's world they do.

She vacillates between playing school, Sunday School and Primary (and it's only gotten mroe intense since kindergarten started). I can see her there standing next to the coffee table with an open Ensign laying atop a couch pillow and a plastic butter knife in her hand. Every once in a while the Ensign gets a tap from the butter knife - presumably to get the children's attention.

My girls are master pretenders.

They recreate EVERYTHING: movies, books, daddy's stories, school, and primary. Savannah has a special bag that holds her primary teaching tools. Every time the game is played, this bag comes out with all it's tricks, a flashlight included. Our primary used to do a spotlight where they'd read a little poem and then shine the flashlight on a child and ask them some things about themselves. The girls love doing spotlight.

On another note, Savannah currently wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up and "rope cows."

London is in a predicament. She just realized the other day that I don't have a "job" and am just a mommy. She can't decide if she wants to be a doctor or a mommy and then I really confused her when I told her she could do both. Later that night she informed me that she wanted to be only a mommy because she thinks I have the best job and can do whatever I want. I replied, "yes, I can do whatever I want" (ha! if only. . .)

Oh, that girl stresses a lot lately about things she shouldn't.

Example: the other night in her prayer she said, "please help me to know which boy to marry when I grow up."

I tried not to snicker and afterward Nate told me they'd been talking about it together -- you know, the right place and time stuff. Well, now she's stressed about that and I tell her over and over again that she doesn't need to worry about careers or marriage at the age of four. Barbies and Polly Pockets should be the only concern for her at the moment.

Oh, and lest I forget this lovely stage of her life, I must share her latest fetish.

London is obsessed with washing hands, teeth and hygiene in general. She NEVER lets me forget to brush her teeth (afraid of those sugar bugs she learned about two years ago when we accompanied Savy's preschool to a dental field trip - London has a long memory).

And she washes her hands constantly.

In fact, the other night when we slept at Pat and Norma's house, she awoke at 3:00 AM to WASH HER HANDS! Who does that??? She constantly tattles to me about who picked their nose and then didn't wash their hands and then touched Reagan or any number of scenarios. No doubt if you are in London's life, then I have heard some story about your breaking of the hygiene laws in this girl's head. I am glad she's clean, but I hope this obsession is only a phase.

Life with London is always a riot -- she never ceases to amaze me. Her prayers have really impressed me lately. She really thinks about what she's saying and sometimes the sweetest and most sincere and tender things are said when she prays. Last night she blessed baby Caleb that his heart wouldn't hurt anymore and be better - she never forgets him in her prayers.

And she prayed for baby Paige and Reagan. My girls are obsessed with Paige. After we see her, I usually have to hear about how she's so much cuter than Reagan, etc. Then the girls even slip up and call Reagan Paige. They just get a little crazy about their new baby cousin.


Amy said...

I can comment!

And I'm dying over London's hygiene issues. I'm sure both me and the boys have made her tattle lists multiple upon multiple times. Ha!

I can't believe she was praying about who to marry?! I didn't know she was such a stress-girl. Don't you half want to keep them tiny forever?!

Heather said...

What sweet girlies! Great things to write down so they can laugh about how obsessive they were.

Aren't you glad I planted the sugar bug seed? I never knew it would take root so deeply. If only every child were so concerned.

Megan said...

I didn't realize I hadn't commented on all these, cause in my head I did!
Your girls crack me up. Maybe we should look into some early OCD therapy for London. Don't give into the craziness!!!