Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jones Christmas Party

I never posted this and yet I wrote it like two or three weeks ago.

Sunday night the girls and I attended the Jones Christmas party while Nate stayed home sick (as well as Monday,but was back to work yesterday). Above are Corey and Reagan -- Corey took over father duties for the absentee Nate. I kept waiting for Reagan to complain, but she really liked him (and his antlers he won). The girls loved the craft table set up for the kids and it wouldn't be a Jones party without the Suns on or a football game (for Grandpa).
When we were little, Grandpa would always call us "boys" despite the fact that Tyler was the only boy in the family. We just got used to it and now I have to tell my girls that story so they don't get so offended when he calls them boys. Anyway -- Grandpa and all his brothers are sports fanatics so I think it's rather funny that of all his boy grandchildren, only one has gotten a basketball scholarship to college . . . and it's a GIRL!!! Go Cassi! The other day I asked how he felt about that and he said he'd take it -- he's totally proud of her.

Sorry about the tangent - back to the party.
Scott, Chris and Corey. Okay, these boys will never be grown-up men in my mind because I will always have fond memories of growing up with them. So when I see them with families, I have to remind myself that it's been a long time and I'm old now too. These are three great men.
Reagan got Corey's antlers for her own and then headed to Grandma Cyndee.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for posting!! I've been dying for posts/pictures of family and Christmas and what everyone's been doing!! I've literally been checking yours and Amy's blog too frequently to confess to.
I loved the pictures, post more! Everything looks like so much fun, wish I were there!

Rachel said...

Boy that Corey is VERY GOOD LOOKING even with the antlers. The party was so much fun but we missed Nate. We can't wait for New Years.