Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Savy's Christmas Program

Last night was the first of many Christmas programs Nate and I will attend.

As we arrived 1/2 hour early (for a program that started 20 minutes late) to get good seats for our little kinders (as Mr. McCloud, the principal, calls them), I leaned over to Nate and said, "next year, we'll have two of these to attend" to which he replied, "yes, for many years to come."

But somehow we don't mind because there's nothing like seeing your child up there - I don't think I even noticed the other 100+ kids up there because I only had eyes for this one
Mary. . . aka Savannah. . . . and I managed a few stolen glances to Aidan who rocked out and looked totally happy up there singing his guts out.

This picture reveals a little bit of the butterflies she experienced before the program. She and Aidan got to be Joseph and Mary and I think it gave them strength to be doing it together.

Here they are with their music teacher, Mrs. Leigh.

None of my pictures turned out well and there was zero visibility during their nativity scene (they were kneeling on the floor -- not on a stage) so this stolen picture from Amy will have to do.

I did feel bad for Savannah because her friend behind her kept pulling on her head-wrap-thingy. Also, their nativity scene was in the beginning of the program and the poor girl didn't know what to do with her baby Jesus doll during the rest of the program. It was quite entertaining (and very sad) to see her trying to do all the hand motions to the song while cradling the baby.

On the upside, they sang her new favorite Christmas song, "Pinata" which I don't see as a Christmas song, but you know, they can't sing real Christmas songs in schools now so we are stuck with "Pinata." I will say, however, that I loved the little shoulder shimmying that went on with the song -- all the kids were totally into it and I have a new appreciation for the song she's been singing for the past week.
The kinders.
I love it that they get to experience all these "firsts" together.


Amy said...

me too! Aidan never would have done this without Savs. Ironic that she ended up more nervous than he was. And I thought her actions while trying to hold the baby were darling.

Megan said...

What a gorgeous little Mary you have. I think it's so cool these two get to grow up together, they'll love these pictures and memories.

cyndee said...

Savannah is the perfect Mary with the perfect look on her face. These two are growing up and becoming great friends. What an amazing opportunity for them.