Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cookies 'n cousins

So Amy and I made pumpkin cookies today.
(this is an October must for Hendrix girls)
(note: London did have frosting on her cookie when I gave it to her)

The kids enjoyed the cookies, but time flew and all of a sudden, we realized it was 2:00 and the kids hadn't eaten. Amy had made a quick grocery run before coming over and bought a store-cooked chicken. We had picked at it a little and the kids asked for some. In our laziness - I mean busyness in frosting cookies - and wanting our kids to have a fun barbarian experience (Nate would have loved this), we let them go at it finger-style.

Warning: vegetarians and freaky sanitary people (like myself) may want to skip these pictures

Warning: I would NOT recommend letting your children do this - I didn't think about the grease factor and had to wash them all off with the hose. But all in all, I think they had a blast being barbarians! The pictures tell it all. . .

More cousins pictures coming up tomorrow!


cyndee said...

Wow, I love barbarians and these kids are the best. I love moms that can actually let kids do their own thing. I guess that means that I love you and Amy! and think you are great moms.

Amy said...

Ha! I love that second picture of London. Thanks for hosting the fun today...I'm beat!

brady lady said...

anything with cookies sounds good to me!

Melissa M. said...

Those cookies turned out cute. And those meat pictures are disturbing in a fun way.

The Scotts said...

I am not even that daring with a chicken! I bet they loved it!