Tuesday, September 9, 2008

London's First Day of Preschool

London and her preschool buddy, Davyn.
(I stole these pics from Amy's blog because I didn't take pictures)

Last week London had her first day of preschool. Despite overwhelming excitement, the mother in me could sense her nervousness. She had to wear her orange shirt because, well, anyone who knows London, knows orange is hands down the best color in the world. The only question she asked was how she would know which classroom was hers. When I told her Amy was her teacher and it was at her house, she asked "what if I don't remember which house is Mimi's?" We found the house okay and the first day went fabulous except that Amy told me that London decided to bite every apple slice at snack time. Maybe she was doing the poison-testing for everyone - what a brave girl!

The best part of preschool is that London gets homework. She's been dying to do Savy's homework for weeks and now she has her own and feels so special when we sit down every afternoon and mom helps both girls with homework. She feels very important, and she is.


Amy said...

She is indeed! I love that crazy little human...and I'm glad the two of them are doing this together.

Megan said...

Her and Davyn are so cute together. It's always nice for the younger one to feel like they are doing something special as well.