Monday, September 8, 2008


Reagan has had a few "FIRSTS" lately.

1. A bout a month and a half ago, she started rolling over. That's always frustrating for me because my babies sleep on their tummies (shhh! don't tell! but I swear it's the only way to get them to sleep through the night!) and this rolling over business always disturbs their sleeping when they suddenly wake up without the comfort of a mattress to snuggle up to -- just a bunch of air. Not fun. But she's adjusting well now.

2. Along with the rolling over comes the crawling backwards thing. You know, you put them on a blanket and come back five minutes later to find them a foot off the blanket and legs wedged underneath the couch? Yeah, that crawling backwards thing. I just need the girl to sit up alone and we'll be good because I'm not prepared for a crawler just yet (my stairs needs gates!).

She's also very good at the airplane to check out the vast array of toys Savy and London set up for her everyday for her "floor playtime" as they call it. Just a side note -- the other day Davyn was over and I wasn't that excited about his idea of spicing up floor time. I caught him jumping over her! Exciting, maybe. Safe, definitely not.
3. Her first taste of chocolate. Guess who introduced her? Anyone who knows my family, knows it had to have been Grandma Cyndee. And it was, of course. And she loved it, of course.

4. A couple weeks ago, I showed pictures of her first solids: rice cereal. She loved it and still does, but we just started oatmeal and I think she loves that even more. The girl's also chuncking up like nothing else since we started cereal.

5. Her first yoga pose. I'd like to admit that I've been doing yoga everyday and this is the result, but honestly I'm just getting back into my "exercise mode" and am determined to lose baby weight!!
6. Her first meal observed from the high chair and Grandma and Grandpa's house, thanks to a towel wrapped around her to keep her from slipping down too much. She did really well for a minute and then began gnawing, but the binky eliminated that problem. I just couldn't resist how cute she looks in all these, so here they all are.

7. And last, but not least, my favorite first: her first pony tail!!!! So cute, I had to take lots of pictures.


sherry said...

Love the pony! I can't believe she is so big! When I ran into you at the doctor's office, we were both pregnant and I still have FOREVER to go! I love her blessing dress to, I think it is very sweet.

Amy said...

The yoga pose is most definitely my favorite. She is growing & changing so quickly now!

By the way, I'm ultra-impressed with your exercising lately. I was doing so well, but fell off the please help me get back on! :)

Mandy said...

I love her ponytail, especially that it defies gravity.

Ryley was never a fan of cereal. I really wanted her to like it and tried many different types, but she never took to it. Oh well.

Heather said...

What a sweet girl! Love the pony. I read you in my google reader and your blessing post was right after this one, so I came to comment on it and it is gone! I click on it directly and it is from August! Weird. But way cute dress by the way.

Megan said...

I am shocked at how much she is doing, and have to keep reminding myself that Caleb is on a different schedule. She is so gorgeous, I can't believe how much she has grown, wow! I wonder if her hair will stay dark, I'm thinking Caleb's might. How funny if both of them stay dark, it will be something about the third child.

Melissa M. said...

Her ponytail is great, my poor girl didn't have enough hair for that until after she turned one.

cyndee said...

I hate to say it but I looked at that first picture and thought, "how did Mandi get that picture". It looks like a picture of me at that age. Of course I was wearing a racy little bathing suit with chub pouring out of it! And about the chocolate - everyone needs a mentor guiding them to the finer things in life.