Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Everyone knows Friday is
Grandma Cyndee Day
Last Friday, we spent it in downtown Mesa with Mimi and Grandma.
I love downtown Mesa with all it's little shops, benches and statues.
Lunch was eaten at a trendy little
pizza place/really old ice cream shop/cake bakery.
The kids thought they were hot stuff, sitting at their own table.
I liked the brick walls and the funky artwork hanging around us.
The pizza was also pretty dang tasty.
Oh, and Reagan LOVED the ice cream.
An outing wouldn't be complete without us
going to a store with ALL our children.
This time it was Hobby Lobby.
I LOVE it that my girls are holding hands - best buddies. I think all the exciting fun blotted out the fact that our children also got shots that day. London seriously went madly hysterical like I've never seen. Reagan did well. I'm lucky, my girls never even get fevers or any sort of reaction to shots so it's really not a big deal to us. Savannah was on top of the world because she's the only child who escaped shots and doesn't need them until she's 12. Aidan and London have now joined her in that prestigious position.
Poor Reagan. Many more shots to come for that girl . . .


Heather said...

So where did you go eat? It sounds cool. And that Hobby Lobby, I seriously need to get down there and check it out, it looks so fun! Gotta love the Grandma Days, anything with good food, fun, shopping and hanging with the girls.

Kelly said...

Looks like it was a fun day! The picture of Reagan and the ice cream is too cute!

Shots are the worst. Arizona requires a couple more shots than Oregon did, so Brynlee had to get 2. Avery actually passed out at her 5 year old well child check after the shots. So, I just dread any future shots for her.

Amy said...

I love downtown Mesa, too. I want to go take pictures there on some morning when it cools off a bit. Grandma Fridays are definitely the best! I need to take pictures & document one myself.

cyndee said...

I was shocked to get on your blog and see my name in big letters. It is wonderful to have Friday's together! But the best is the overnighters. The freedom of no moms or dads creates a perfect atmosphere for budding artists, cooks and friends.

Melissa M. said...

That eatery/bakery place looks fantastic. What's the name of it?
You took very cute pictures!

Mandi said...

I think it was called Queen's Pizza. Unless you like banana flavor, though, I'd skip the whole ice cream experience because two of the other flavors (cookie dough and the cookies and cream) were contaminated with banana flavor -- yuck! I think Amy's mint choc chip was okay though.

Megan said...

They are all so cute, I wish we were there to do the fun Grandma Cyndee Friday's with you all. I still can't believe how grown up everyone is, crazy!!!

Nina said...

Mandi I would think everyday is Grandma Cyndee day?????

Mandi said...

Nina - since Cyn works every other day of the week, we don't see her. But Fridays are her day off and so , therefore, Grandma Cyndee Days because we actually see her.