Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Steps

Reagan is now 4 months old and I can't believe how fast time flies! I feel like she's still a newbie even though she definitely is not. AND I have yet to post about her birth and those pictures -- although I wrote it when it was all fresh in my mind and yet it never made it into my family journal (which is my blog) - I'll put that on my never-ending to-do list.

Anyway, back to this post -- I decided she's ready for cereal and so last night was her first big step into the real world of FOOD!

At first there was shock (and not a little bit of excitement) that something solid was coming her way. This expression says it all...

then she wasn't sure what exactly to do or if she was ready for that kind of commitment - I'm not sure I am actually - bottles are a lot easier. And once you start solids, there's no turning back.

after a couple bites, though, she was totally committed and showed us by laughing and talking. Or maybe that's because her favorite person in the world was feeding her - her daddy.

What is it about dads and rice cereal??? They just don't know how to keep it clean and tidy! On another note, I just love the way Reagan's eyes sparkle when she sees me or Nate or even Savy and London - you can just see in her eyes how much she loves us. She definitely rewards us with some great smiles and coos and giggles.
but the fun has to end sometime - and it did
Another big step in our family is that Savannah starts kindergarten tomorrow at Franklin (yes, we got in! yahoo!). She and Aidan will be in the same morning class as well which will be good because they both have had bouts of anxiety.
This morning we went to "Meet the Teacher" and I was shocked because Aidan was fine and Savy was not - and that's a complete reversal of their personalities and what I thought would happen. She clung to my leg and buried her face into my leg when her teacher talked to her about being nervous (which she has never done in her life). And she only allowed me to take a picture of her in her desk because Aidan did.
There will be no flip-flops or capris ever again at that desk - yes, there's a dress-code. Aren't they cute?

It's funny because they are sitting alphabatized in the beginning until Mrs. Cammack knows them better and changes things around. So Aidan is in the front row and Savy's in the back. So they're in the same class, but far apart.

Mrs. Cammack. Savy's face says it all.

So we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Then Amy took London and Reagan while Savy and I spent the afternoon shopping and having one-on-one time. She's thrilled about new clothes and even seems semi-excited about school now.

Between the new clothes, her super-cute butterfly folder, and pep talk from daddy, I'm thinking we'll be good to go tomorrow.
I'm glad they have eachother - here's Aidan trying to hold her hand to comfort her - I love the way they love eachother and truly look out for one another.


Megan said...

First of all, I'm real glad you posted. Secondly, Reagan is a doll, I can't believe she's eating solids, Caleb has refused, but he refuses milk too, obviously. And thirdly, I can not believe that Aidan and Savy are starting kindergarten tomorrow!! They will end up loving it, too bad it's not all day though!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you had your camera with you today, Mandi. I love the pictures of our two. And I'm so relieved that they will share this experience. Savy was so not herself today, but she'll be much more confident after the first day.

As for Miss Reagan, I am sadly addicted to her. And the "sadly" is only because she's going to compel me to having one of my own. Dang.

Nina said...

I can't believe that Aidan and Savy are in Kindergarten I hope you both cried today as they left for school I cried every year and still do... You know Aunt Nina a really BABY... They are so darn cute I hope today went wonderful.... I will have to take pictures of Cassi at her BIG drop off to college lets hope her facial expressions say it all.....