Thursday, July 24, 2008


The other night we were getting the girls ready for bed and Nate went to move Savy's pillow only to find that it wouldn't move -- she had glued her pillow to her bed. Luckily it was only Elmer's Glue and water-soluble. Nate and I just tried not to laugh too much in front of her. It's funny how sometimes you get so frustrated and angry with children and then sometimes all you can do is laugh.

On another note, someone is getting
Well, maybe they're not quite THUNDER THIGHS yet, but they're getting there.
Give it a few more months.
Miss Reagan sure is cute.
The other day we went shopping with Grandma Cyndee and I forgot my stroller so we just tried this umbrella one out and were amazed at how well Reagan fit in it and how big she looked. She absolutely loved it because she could see everything.
But so much excitement wore the poor girl out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning from your children

Sometimes the best and most profound lessons we learn come from our children. This is a picture Savannah showed me yesterday of a little girl following Jesus' footsteps and then she found Him. The world is harsh and I think that this little girl has the right idea of what will help us through our trials and give us ultimate happiness: our Savior.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A couple weeks ago, the girls went swimming for the first time this summer and you can see who was extremely happy by Savy's face here. She just jumped in and swam like a little mermaid. London, on the other hand, was scared and seemed to have completely forgotten that last summer she swam great. We'll have to work on that with her. Below is a picture of Reagan in her new swimsuit JoDee bought her. She's darling, isn't she?

Friday, July 11, 2008

London's Birthday

Guess who's 4!

Grandma Cyndee bailed me out. I've been such a slacker lately and figured our weekend away was enough for London, but my mom didn't agree. So she made dinner and cake for everyone and all I had to do was make sure my house was decently clean. Not a bad deal. London is obsessed with Wall-e lately and so Cyndee delivered the goods with the cake, shirt, and figurines. Thanks, mom. She's totally not excited about the Wall-e figurines.
I just crack up at this picture - what exactly is Savy doing?
Baby Cinderella was a hit - although more with Savannah, I think. I just had to get a picture of Reagan sitting on her cousin whom we'll meet next month. Jill is seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever! Reagan gets a kiss from the birthday girl.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July in Tombstone

I'm back.

For the 4th of July, we wanted to go camping, but numerous factors played into that not working out so we decided to take a trip south to Tombstone with Nate's parents. We decided that there are lots of places in Arizona we haven't explored yet and need to so this was first on our list.

On the way, we stopped by Colossal Cave which is where we went in February when JoDee came, but Nate missed it that time and the girls wanted to show him the cave. Although, lately London is terrified of absolutely everything so, of course, she bowed out of the tour and only Nate, Pat and Savy ended up going while Norma and I stayed out with London and Reagan.

Speaking of London being afraid of everything, I found out just today that she's terrified of E.T.! This is totally wacked because for the past year she's been obsessed with him. Last year for her b-day she had an E.T. cake (actually it was a huge cookie) and if Wall-e hadn't come out, it probably would have been E.T. again this year. About a month or two ago, she even informed me that this year she wanted the white, sick E.T. on her cake since last year he was normal. I was disturbed by that, but also got a good laugh out of it. She's the strangest girl ever. So you can imagine my surprise when Savy's chasing her around and she's screaming - hysterically shaking from fear by a cd cover with E.T. on it (some movie soundtracks mixture thing). When did this happen? I have no idea, but I do know the girl is afraid of everything lately.

Happy 4th of July!
Our little family. I am really hating my hair right now and am thinking about getting side-bangs (long ones) for a change and I'm growing it out again (ha!). Any suggestions?
Tombstone. Savy is the quintessential girl, isn't she?
Re-enactment of the famous gunfight at the OK Corral. We only realized after we'd left that we never took pictures by the OK Corral, so this will have to do. I found myself a real cowboy there!
You can't go to Tombstone and not have some good old Sasparilla!
Savy's Sasparilla.
I just love this goofy girl - she keeps us laughing (or is it crying?)
Inside the Birdcage Theatre. The lady showed us all these gunshots inside the bar where the bullets were still lodged. It was interesting to imagine all the wild goings-on that happened in there.
The 4th was beautiful and we even got some rain to cool it off, but the next day was a little warmer so we had popsicles.
The Dragoon Mountains, just outside of Tombstone were beautiful. Nate took these from our hotel which was on a hill above the city. After walking around all day on the 4th, we took the girls swimming and into the hot tub, waiting for the fireworks. We were quite impressed with the show they put on for such a small town. And the weather was PERFECT. We really had a great time just getting away from the heat and life.
I can't resist putting in these two darling pictures of my Reagan.
She's just so darn cute!