Saturday, September 12, 2009



She loves first grade, but can't seem to remember any of her friends' names (she's a blond through and through). Still jabbering constantly and just as crafty as ever. I went shopping today in her bedroom where she and London had set up a whole store full of home-made books (I love seeing how she's trying to spell things) and cherry pies (a paper plate colored and then the sides folded up - very clever). I even gave her real pennies and she was thrilled beyond belief.


London, on the other hand, will name off about six names of her "best friends" in two seconds. She is quite the popular girl and I can just see her thriving in kindergarten. Everyday is something new and exciting. She is still just as obsessed with Wall-e and Eve as ever and claims she will name her children after them someday. Her vast array of stuffed animals that she insists on sleeping with have suddenly been hung from the bunk bed above her which makes the ordeal of making her bed much easier as the animals are now hanging instead of falling between the wall and bed. She's a funny girl with her hanging stuffed animals over her head. Her number one bedfellow is still Aslan - her stuffed lion from Santa a few years back when she was a baby.

Pres. Obama Speech at School

One funny thing that happened this week was when I asked them about Pres. Obama's speech to the children. The only thing they had to say about it was that "he said bad words, mom." My girls have taken me very literally and very serious about what not to say. In our house we never say words like "hate" or "stupid." NEVER. So, to them, they are super-bad words and I guess Pres. Obama said stupid a few times. I read the speech beforehand, but failed to notice that. I thought it was pretty funny that they were appalled. After clearing that up, they then told me that he told them to do good in school. Good.


I still can't leave the house without people commenting on her! Seriously, it's every time I go out. Today Nate took her to Sportsman's Warehouse where they fawned all over her then I was stopped twice in Wal-mart. One time was a lady telling me she should be in a Swiss Miss commercial. People are funny.

Reagan has a mouth full of teeth now. She refuses to even attempt to talk, but she'll laugh her head off at you (London especially). I can't figure out if the lack of talking is due to her love of binkies or laziness or something else. The girl has also discovered dancing and will dance to anything with a beat -- the other day she danced and wiggled in the cart at Fry's to the background music in the store. Funny girl.


Tiffany said...

What cute girls! It's fun to hear what they are up to now. Bad words--too funny! (We have our own list of words like that.)

It's fun to get supermarket compliments. :)

Amy said...

I miss your girlies!

Megan said...

You blogged! I had stopped checking, glad I looked in.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

I loved your update and I'm totally stealing the format for my own update - it looks like it was quick and I really was okay w/ no pictures. I haven't blogged since July (I think). A lot has happened and I clearly haven't found the time to blog it all...blah.