Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have YOU ever worn a zucchini?

Saturday the girls went to a birthday party and oh the stories I heard after the party! Stories about how Savannah nearly had to wear a zucchini swimming! I quickly figured out that she meant "bikini" and had a good laugh. Just try to imagine the drama that a seven year old puts into a story about how she had to wear her friend's swimsuit and she got stuck with the bikini . . . a.k.a. the most immodest thing in the world! She told me how she convinced one of the girls to trade with her - oh the relief of not having to wear a zucchini!!! I was just beaming with pride inside that she was freaking out about the modestly rather than relishing the fact that mom would never know that she wore a bikini (and believe me, I could see my Savs doing just that). My girls definitely have modesty ingrained in their little brains and I hope it's there to stay.

On another note, I was thinking about how mother/daughter relationships erode as young girls grow older and was trying to figure out how to keep them telling me things and realized that often I am listening as I'm doing something else. So I recently started asking each of them to tell me one good thing and one bad thing about their day. I sit at the kitchen table and totally focus and look at them. They love it. London's eyes get so big with each story. And to tell you the truth, I love it. I love all the things they think are so darn important and there have been good conversations that have ensued - some funny and some just good teaching opportunities.

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