Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Show

A few weeks ago we went to the Arizona State Elementary Art Show where Savannah had a piece of artwork entered. She was so dang proud of herself. Isn't she cute? She must have gotten some of those artistic genes from Grandma Cyndee and Aunt Megan and Aunt Amy (who I know has those talents, but doesn't do it).

I thought she did great. The teacher spray-painted their hands and then they got to choose an animal to trace over their hands. After that they were on their own - she chose how to segment it and the coloring. Do you see the peace signs on all four corners? She is super-obsessed with peace signs lately, must be a 1st-grade thing!

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Amy said...

Holy craziness! I totally didn't expect to see a post here. And there are three! I'm super impressed. The zucchini thing had me totally laughing. And so did your description of Bro. Waldie's Spanish. Ha! I love that you have stayed close to them over the years. And I love that you included me in the list of family artists (which I so shouldn't be!). Savannah's picture is great. The girl has skills and an imagination that will always keep her going.