Sunday, May 2, 2010


Before Nate left to work in Texas for four months, he and I went on an overnight trip to Sedona. This month it will have been 9 years since we went to Sedona on our honeymoon. It was fabulous to get away from the kids and just be together. You don't realize how much life/kids interfere in your relationship until you actually have that time absolutely alone for two days. So here are all the pictures of our trip. It's funny because most are single shots of either me or Nate (just like honeymoon pictures) unless we asked someone to snap a picture.

Above (and below) is the B&B we stayed in: Casa Sedona.

The mountain behind me is called Thunder Mountain. It is said that Walt Disney traveled through Sedona once and they believe that is where he got the name for the ride.

Imagine a cool spring morning eating a three-course breakfast here. Lovely.

Our room: Serena Vista. We loved it and although the walls look very yellow in the picture, I didn't notice them as that bright. Nate got me a massage and it was so nice because she came and set up right there in our room. It was 10:00 with our patio door and windows open with a nice cool breeze and just the sounds of nature outside. . . perfect for a massage. Even Nate, who was reading a magazine on the bed, snoozed a while. Sedona is one of the most peaceful places. I love it!

As we were driving up the road from our B&B we saw Alma de Sedona Inn -- the first place we stayed on our honeymoon (we stayed in a few different placed in Sedona - it was fun switching around). It was fun to see it and remember being there the first time.

There's a huge shopping complex with an Indian name I can't
say/pronounce/remember that is fun to wander around window shopping. They had a lot of statues too so Nate and I had some fun.

Before going, Nate looked up restaurants and found Dahl & DiLuca.
It looked fabulous, romantic and cozy. Besides we love Italian food.

We got there and the man at the front gave us this little "nook" that was cozy, dark and just perfect. Throw some rose petals on the table and there you have a romantic nook. It's funny because in the pictures the flash lights it up so much that it doesn't look that cool, but it was -- I love dark nooks!

They were fancy but not too expensive. They didn't even have soda (only wines) so we stuck with our water. And the food, well see for yourself . . . . (with the privacy of our nook we felt at liberty to snap pictures)

Nate's chicken was seriously, hands down the best I have EVER eaten.
I would drive to Sedona again just to eat this chicken!!!
It's that good.

My shrimp was perfect and the homemade noodles fabulous.

Creme Brulee - our favorite!

You hate all the pictures of yourself, but you have such good memories, so here's one we took holding the camera out.

We decided to head home leisurely through Oak Creek Canyon which takes you to Flag, then we went across the Rim and through Payson to come home.

Indian Gardens is on the road up through Oak Creek Canyon. This is where one of the first white settlers came and started farming. There was a historical marker Nate and I stopped to read about his cabin. We are total suckers for historical markers.

Below are some pictures of us in the canyon. Nate loved this hat and swore it was made for me so we got it. I must say, I don't look too bad in a cowgirl hat! ha! ha! ha!

What a great escape.
I don't know why we don't do this more often.

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