Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ready for Halloween

Sometimes my ANGEL London

can easily turn into . . .

She is seriously the only child I know that can do both extremes so well. One day she's sharing with everyone and making up songs about loving everyone and the next day she's mean and fiesty. Sometimes she's a real handful and this morning was one of those days so I'm hoping she does well at the Preschool Halloween Party and comes home in a GOOD London mode.

Here are the girls a couple weeks ago when we went through the Halloween box and put up our decorations. They were thrilled with the witch costume and dad's scary mask. I think (hope) that next year I'll be able to convince one or both to actually be something scary for Halloween.

Here's London trying on an old costume that Savannah wore a couple years ago. She won a costume contest up in Cedar City when we visited JoDee and Shane for Halloween that year.

1 comment:

Megan said...

That mask is freaky, I'm shocked your girls will even wear it. I love the comparison of London's moods, she sounds like such a spitfire.