Monday, October 1, 2007

Sisters and Primary Programs

Yesterday was the primary program. Savannah said her part perfectly and was darling. For the past few weeks she and London have been holding mock primary programs with their stuffed animals and princess figurines or their bath toys, depending on where they are at the moment.

It all started when she had all her bath figurines lined up and they'd take turns standing on the faucet and either saying Savy's line or bearing a short testimony and then jumping into the water.

"my name is The Little Mermaid and I have faith in Jesus Christ"


"my name is Sleeping Beauty and I love my mom and dad and the church and I always listen to my mommy and daddy. . . "


When they're not in the bath, they make a podium and have each stuffed animal take turns. It's funny because I had no idea they even listened during testimony meetings and knew the "format" of a testimony, but kids are smarter than you think!

Anyway, back to the primary program.

In primary, the kids all got a rice krispy treat for doing such a fab job. Savannah, I noticed, nibbled hers but didn't devour like all the other children. After church, she came out of her primary class with her treat still in tact, proclaiming that she had saved it to share with London. I don't know about you, but I don't know many four years olds that would save a treat to share with their annoying little sister. Savannah was so excited to show London and share.

Now that's a good sister.

The other day Amy wrote on her blog about how mom used to tell us that our siblings would be our best friends when we grew up and we would roll our eyes at her. Along with Amy, I must agree wholeheartedly that that is what has happened and I hope with all my heart that my girls always stay close and good friends like I have with my sisters. I don't know what I would do without mine.

A good sister will put up with your indecisiveness on choosing a picture and then go to an antique store with cranky children to order it for you even though she has a ton to do and is leaving the next day on a long vacation . . . thank you JoDee.

A good sister will be an example of service to you and always inspire you to do things or to be better. . .thank you Amy.

A good sister will make you feel loved and needed and admired, even when you don't feel you deserve it. She will also always be an example of keeping yourself cute and make you want to work harder on that . . . thank you Megan.

And finally

A good sister will definitely share her primary treat with you!

Now those are all good sisters and I feel so blessed!


Nina said...

Mandi, see what a good mom you truly are and what good training you have done to have Savy think of her sister... I hope as you say that my kids find that they are each others most dearest friends.. Thanks for the reminder..

Megan said...

Okay, I was busy being angry at you cause you've never called me back from like a week ago, and now I'm crying. I really am an emotional bi-polar freak right now! Thanks for saying those nice things, especially right now when I have zits everywhere and nothing fits right.
And I had to tell you that Talin and Collin both insist on constantly holding onto treats to share with each other like that. Our kids are so much alike. As a child I would have never hung onto a treat to share, it would have been devoured!

Mandy said...

what a sweet post! Savannah is such a great sister. I love that she held onto her treat.

Amy said...

That post made me teary, too! So sweet. And the girls are adorable. I love that the princesses were practicing their testimonies in the tub!

Kelly said...

Mandi, this was the sweetest post ever! I love the primary program bathtub rehearsal, and the treat sharing! Your words about your sisters were just so tender. I hope my girls are best friends throughout life, too.

elizabeth said...

What great sisters! I love your girls.