Wednesday, April 2, 2008

52 Blessings: Weeks 12 & 13

Week 12: My new camera
For months, I have complained (maybe not on my blog) about my camera situation. Nate always needs my camera to take pictures at work - of houses, cars, land, diamond rings - you know, the things people insure. Plus, our camera was outdated. So, with the new baby arriving any day, I have finally gotten a new camera just for me. I wanted a small one that I could just keep in my purse and capture little moments anytime. I figure I have Amy taking really nice pics with her awesome camera at most events of my kids' lives so I'll depend on her for that and then I can take the snapshots. So the blessing is that I finally have my own camera. It may sound silly, but I am loving it and so enjoying just photographing the everyday things so that my blog book (which I've already started) will document our daily lives just like a journal and I am so excited.

Oh, and I can finally get pictures of my girls with their eyes open! I don't know what the deal was with our other camera, but I always had a hard time catching them with their eyes open. Who would have thought I'd get so excited over something so dumb?

Week 13: Sunday afternoon with my family and Nate making dinner.

Sundays just zap me. It could be that church is now from 2-5. Or it could be the ten four-year olds Nate and I wrestle every week. Or it could just be that I'm overdue and ready to have this baby out of my body! Whatever the reason, I was dead this Sunday after church. I think Nate knew dinner was not coming so he decided to whip up some spaghetti (his specialty). I think he's so cute when he cooks because, as you can see, every spice in the cupboard comes out and gets put into the sauce. A little scary and I had to stop him at the Marsala wine I use for chicken marsala, but in the end, it was amazing sauce (yes, without the marsala). I told him I'm never making spaghetti again. Even the girls loved it. The chef. Wanna-be chef, Savannah, had to help her daddy cook. While they cooked, London and I sat at the table and messed around with the camera. I got a funny video of her and we'll see if we can get it onto my blog.


Amy said...

THAT last pic is 100% London. And how I love her. Hm....I'm thinking Nate needs to make us some of his secret sauce (but maybe with the Marsala!)

I LOVE that you got the camera. It will be our out&about one because I'm too embarassed to pull out my big one in Target!

Nina said...

Good luck on tomorrow I will be thinking of you and excited to see new photos of my new niece well I guess my GREAT niece wow.... What is her name do we know this yet... My love is with you and you will do great allanaturala!!!!!

Tiffany said...

A camera and a cook! Wonderful!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

I love that camera! I use mine everyday b/c it is sooooo awesome!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

p.s. You gotta love husbands who can whip up a mean spaghetti - or anything for that matter, especially if the kids eat it! Jeremy's specialty? Mac 'n' Cheese and Stove Top w/ chicken.