Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baths and Body Parts

Reagan's first two bathsin the hospital, moments after being born

at homeGetting her hair brushed. Reagan has lots of very dark hair that curls when wet,
but then sticks straight up when dry.
Do you think this one was overcooked?
A week overdue and her fingernails were in need of cutting!
Her toes are hilarious - they are long and she spreads them out like fingers.
And I love those skinny little legs!


Amy said...

cute, cute pictures!

Megan said...

She reminds me a lot of Caleb in some of those pictures, his hair does the same thing, really curly when wet, but straight when dry. So cute!

Tiffany said...

I've been missing all the cute baby photos! Good luck with all. I know that 3 seemed extra busy to me--mine were probably the same ages as yours. But, I know you can do it! All the best!

Angie said...

She's so sweet. Sophie's hair is super curly when wet too!
I hate cutting baby nails--it's hard when they're so tiny to not nip the skin.
Glad you're having so much fun at your house--and glad you're posting more pics. I love baby pics!

Heather said...

Very fun! Thanks for thinking of me this past week, I don't need a break from your blog silly girl. I am getting tougher and only have "poor me" days occasionally, on certain days of the month. Have fun with that sweet baby!

Mandy said...

I love all of the close ups! She is such a cutie!