Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Birthday Party!

After a weekend of General Conference, the family came over for Reagan's birthday party Sunday night. We were even lucky enough to have JoDee and her kids here (minus the beautiful Andersyn).

I took a ton of pictures so be prepared although it isn't as many as her birth-story post.

This was my first attempt at making a "fancy" cake and I was quite pleased that it all stayed together because I was honestly worried I would go out to the fridge in the garage and it would be toppled over or caving in. It was a yellow cake with oreo filling and buttercream frosting with fondant flowers that Amy taught me how to make (super easy).

It was time to go when she started throwing cake on the floor. Nate cleaned up the mess while I gave her a quick bath so she'd be clean and naked for her present (which were mostly all clothes).
This was what Nate and I got her. My neighbor told me how great it has been for her daughter and when Reagan tried it out at the park Saturday night I knew we needed it. She totally recognized it on Sunday and definitely loved it! She felt true ownership for the bike and kept going over to it.
Sharing with Paige
London lovin' on Grandma Cyndee
The birthday girl who constantly gets into cupboards. She even crawls into them to hang out, but her favorite hang out is the drawer under the stove. She's constantly opening it and climbing in there -- she thinks she's hot stuff in there and just giggles!


Mandy said...

I just love her curls. I think I say that every time but I really do think they are lovely.

Your cakes are beautiful! I would love to learn how to make pretty fondant decorations, but I wonder if I possess the patience.

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Has it really been a year already? Wow - time flies and she is really cute and I am a big fan of her curls too! Awesome cake too Mandi. One of my friends and I are going to get together and attempt the fondant. I'm tempted to call you to get Amy on the phone and have her walk us through it!

Happy Birthday Reagan!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Reagan!

The cake turned out perfect!

Rachel said...

Reagan's hair is just perfect! She looks adorable in her high chair. And your cake looks great, it almost makes me wish I would have done something grander for Ev's this year... oh well at least I still have Cora's to get creative with!

Tiffany said...

Good job on the cake! I love the fondant flowers!

Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!

Megan said...

I could have sworn I already commented here! Anyway, she is so adorable with those curls, wish we could have been there for the celebration, and your cake is impressive!

sherry said...

I keep forgetting you went private! I was wondering when a new post would pop up on my googlereader, and the answer is never;) The cake is beautiful! I want to be able to make cakes like that when I grow up. DO you want to give lessons? ANd Reagan is just lovely. Abigail is jealous of her hair. What a fun birthday!