Monday, April 27, 2009

Tyler and Gina's Whirlwind Visit

Last weekend Tyler and Gina came down for just the weekend. Despite the short time spent together, all the cousins thoroughly enjoyed each other's company -- especially these two!
Ryder and Reagan fascinated eachother. I don't know who enjoyed the interaction more -- the babies or the adults!
As for Miss Reagan walking, don't even ask. She will stand and balance, even clap standing up, but when it comes to taking a step, forget it. She has absolutely NO interest in walking. She'll cruise the furniture or walk around the house holding my hand, but the minute I let go, she automatically collapses. No interest whatsoever.
Reag's first introduction to the classic Hendrix camping favorite: chocolate/peanut butter rice krispie treats. I think she liked them.
London was miss snuggler the whole time -- either with Nate or Grandma Cyndee.
I was just messing around with my camera, but I love this picture of Reagan!


Rachel said...

That London is a doll! And I love your girls Easter dresses.

Megan said...

I can't get over how curly Reagan's hair is, and it's so thick. I don't think Caleb's hair will be curly when we move away from the humidity, definitely not like hers.

Amy said...

So many fun pictures. It was definitely entertaining to watch Ryder and London in action together. He totally cracked me up!