Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, the funny things they say...and think...

The other day I attempted to put lime green bows in London's hair, but she exclaimed,

"Mom, green ISN'T my best color!"

Oh, so sorry, heaven forbid you wear green then, London

(you're only 3 for crying out loud!).

Today Amy took Aidan and Savannah to their FIRST Primary Activity : a birthday party for none other than President Hinckley (or Hinckey as Savy used to call him). Amy said they had fun, but before leaving, Savy turned to her and asked why President Hinckley never came out. What an observant girl - she was the only child confused about this because Amy said nobody else seemed to noticed that the guest of honor was noticeably missing...

I had the joy of staying with the little ones. As I was at the table reading, London and Davyn colored together on the same page of the same coloring book, just absolutely fawning over each other.

"I luv u Ya-Ya"

"I love you too, D. You are such a cute baby. You are my baby. Mom, D is my baby."

It was cute, but rather cheesy -- all that love going on!


Rodrigo said...
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Amy said...

alrighty Rodrigo.

DB said a prayer tonight at dinner with A's help, but added his own "thank you I go Ya Ya house today". He 100% loves that girly!

Jordan said...

Okay, can I just express the deep envy I have that you sisters are nearly neighbors now?!!!

Such bliss.

We are major pla-do mixers at our house. We've got many canisters full of swirley grey stuff now. Come play!

Mandy said...

Those littles are too cute~!

michelle said...

I think it is wonderful that the primary had a birthday party for President Hinkly! How cute that your sweet girl wanted to know why he wasn't there...darling!