Friday, June 29, 2007

FHE at the park

Continuation of Meg's visit . . .

We actually had an evening of not-110-degree-weather and so we all (Amy & Jim's family, ours, and G. Cyndee) ventured out to the nearby park for some good old-fashioned fun: baseball. Most of the kids preferred running around like maniacs or rolling down the hill (Princess Bride style), but we got a few to participate. . .

I can't begin to tell how much fun these cousins
had together that week! The park was especially fun, but maybe that's because Megan and I were in our own little M&M world (that's what mom called us as children) as our high school silliness overcame us. We often get that way when we are together -- silly.

Me trying to "help" Megan do her back bend. Finally we realized (better yet remembered) that I am a weakling and could not possibly catch her if she fell. So she resorted to starting on the ground and did fabulous on her own without my help.

I can do a cartwheel, but I will not even try this!

Megan does lots of yoga and pilates. I have just started yoga so I don't think my body would agree with this position very
well, but maybe some day...

...then again, maybe not.

convinced me to do this. It would not be a good idea to post the picture of me actually hanging upside down because my shirt came untucked and I do not edit photos very well. So, I will spare you all the underclothing peep show. Nate was close by (I think it made him nervous), ready and poised to save the day in case I fell. I didn't, but it was nice to have a knight in shining armour at hand.

Possibly the best picture I have ever seen of Megan!

I love it!

So, here's to you, Megan -- You're a great sister!

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Susan said...

Megan you look great. I am so glad you guys had a great time. One day I will be rich and then who cares if Adam had to work or if I have to watch kids. We will hang out one of these days.