Friday, June 29, 2007

Swimming at Grandma Cyndee's

I am now ready to actually document all the happenings when Megan was here (like two weeks ago!). Better late than never though, right???

Megan and her lovely family have been in freezing cold Iowa this year while Tom completed his first year of med school -- yeah for Tom!!!

For summer vacation, they decided to come see family since there may not be
another chance in the next few years as school becomes more intense. So Megan hung out with us for a week before heading to Utah to visit JoDee and we made the most of every moment the point of exhaustion (for us as well as our children).

On the last day of seeing them, we got home and London collapsed on the floor and Savannah on the couch. I quickly tidied up the kitchen (can't stand a messy kitchen) and then took them up for the bath. The girls like to play until the last moment when the water is all drained out. London is laying in the tub in fetal position as if she has already fallen asleep! Didn't I tell you we were all past the point of exhaustion???? I was not kidding!

Aidan, Talin, Savannah, sad Colin, Davyn, and London
Reunited Cousins

One of the first times we saw Megs and family was when we went swimming at Cyndee's pool. The kids were all thrilled to show off their new swimming talents -- thanks a million to Emily!

The saddest yet cutest boy ever!

I love this picture!

The inseparables: Davyn and London.
There is no explaining the obsession D has over his prescious Ya-ya (London). In fact, the other day Amy wasn't permitted to call him D as he was pretending to be London for the day. Sounds familiar -- I never know what to call my girls on any given day...

The other inseparables: Talin and Savannah.
These two played together very well. . . perhaps a little too well. Megs and I had to keep a close watch to make sure they were not trying to kiss! I think Savy's watched one too many Disney princess movies and Talin is definitely a lady's man at the ripe old age of 5. He has a couple girls in Iowa who are his "girlfriends" and I suppose his cousin, Savannah, is now a part of that list.



Susan said...

Oh, I wish we could spend some time with them too. It just isn't working out that way. Dang work!!!

Amy said...

this gets me excited for the 4th next week with ALL the cousins!!!