Thursday, June 21, 2007

Play dough fun!

Always looking for something new to do, Savannah and London decided the other day that play dough was the new thing. They go in spurts. Next week it will be fruit-loop necklaces while last week it was watercolors (until I nixed it due to dripping pages leaking all over my counters). A healthy dose of plain old drawing and coloring always sneaks in there too.

Amy would be appalled at the mixed colors (she has a strict no mixing rule at her house). I finally gave up on trying to make them segregate colors - now I figure it's their play so they can mix colors if they so choose (but it can get pretty nasty). They made lovely and tasty-looking food for all to eat before they moved on to making snails and snakes and bird nests complete with eggs.

Savannah and her "fork chops"
(don't know where she got that from)


Amy said...

Love the "fork chops"...that made me laugh. What I can't believe is how in the world you let them Sav in the living room with the play dough. Quite un-Mandi!

michelle said...

It looks like the girls are having so much fun! I had to smile at the princess table cute!

sista # 2 said...

You just gave me a great idea.Since lil James loves chop sticks so much - I should get a bunch for the friends to eat with when they're here ;) Instead of just lunch, it could be a fun activity -& of course, just playing with them is funny!
Play dough is the perfect past time -it's colorful & creative;)

Mandy said...

Oh, the fork chops is cracking me up! I can see having a strict no mixing policy as well but we will see when the actual time comes.