Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dino Museum with Megan

Trying not to get eaten . . .

Panning for Gold

The on-off-buddies, Savannah and Aidan.
You never know what mood they'll be in together...this was a good one.

Serious business


Serious loot!

Hands-on Play/Craft Area

Aidan and London

Coloring: serious business once again

Playing: not so serious business. Savy has a great imagination and could play
people with two toothpicks if she couldn't find anything else.

Attack Grandma! Colin, London and D get her!

Megan reading to London and Aidan.

Mom and Talin both look like they're back in school - something they
both love. Hello - people - it's summertime!

Everywhere we go, Amy snaps a picture of this nature.
We are not kidding when we talk about D's London-obsession.

At the end, we saw a flash flood take place over all the dinos on this
mountain scene. Very cool and the kids were amazed by it.

good times.

And that concludes Meg's week with us. . .

We are off to Utah and will see Megan/Tom again along with JoDee/Shane and their family and Tyler/Gina and their boys.
Amy and Jim will be heading up also.

Fun, fun, fun. . .

I'll be taking a week off!


Amy said...

"Dino Museum with Megan"...Hm...was Amy there?!!! Holy cow, you Megan lover. Just because she lives thousands of miles away...!

I loved looking at these pictures again. We did have a fun time, and I'm quite excited to snap many more pictures in Utah next week!

Megan said...

These have been fun posts to read. I think every day should be a post with Megan day. :)

SHERI said...

That looks like a fun museum. I will have to find out where it is. So glad you got to spend fun time with your sisters AMY and Megan! (Thought she might like to be listed first :)