Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fishing at the Farm

Shane's parents have a farm about an hour from Cedar - across Cedar Breaks in Glendale, Utah. So, one afternoon we headed out there to fish in the stocked pond. It turned out to be relaxing and quite fun -- although the children quickly lost excitement for "fishing" once they realized that you did not get one with every cast. They got bored, but us adults had fun and even caught some to let the kids reel in.
Wesley, Nate and Savannah

Nate got London a fishing pole for her birthday, knowing we were planning on going to the farm. All the kids had a blast taking turns fishing although not a single fish was caught with it.

Savannah fishing

This is as close to the fish that we could get Savannah.

Balyee, on the other hand, was a completely different story. As you can see, she has no fear of fish - alive or dead. Dead in this case after she had chased all the cousins with it. It'll make a good story when all the boys are older and think they're tough -- we'll remind them of the time Baylee made them run away screaming because of a fish. She's the funniest girl -- a princess one moment playing away with Savy and then just as quickly she can be outside with the boys or chasing the others with a dead fish! I love it!

Madalyn with the water snake that kept poking it's head
out of the water to watch what we all were doing.

What's a post without a picture of Davyn and London loving on each other?

The attempted escape. . . uhm, was anyone watching the children?

Me and my love!

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Amy said...

That was definitely a fun Utah trip for my little family. The kids loved *fishing* even if the fishing wasn't exactly the highlight for them.