Saturday, July 21, 2007

London's Birthday

July 6th

3 years old!
How on earth did my baby get that old!?!!?

London has recently become obsessed with E.T. ever since watching it at Amy's house a few months ago. I really can't blame her - he is so cute in the movie.

Nate is convinced that London looks like my little sister, Megan, so here is another way that our London is like Megs -- Megan LOVED E.T. when she was young. Obsessive, like London, would be a better choice of words.

In our family, most of the toddlers have June/July birthdays so everyone in Utah was caked-out. Hence - the huge cookie decorated with beloved E.T. . London was very specific that she wanted E.T. flying across the moon on the bike when Grandma Cyndee asked what she wanted on the cookie. Thanks mom for the awesome decorating job.

Birthday girl with one of her favorite gifts - a Tinkerbell doll. Savannah became a tad bit jealous, but London is ever-ready to share with her big sister.

I just love this picture because anyone who knows London, knows that she does not necessarily like men -- except Nate and his dad. Jim (Amy's love) claims that she has just recently started liking him (and we're around them a lot!). Tyler, my crazy brother, is a bit too wacky and loud for my girls and they always tell me they don't like him. I missed this moment, but Amy caught it on film and I love it because I never thought I'd see her sitting on his lap . . . but then you see her face and how hard she's trying to keep it together. How funny.

London's other love: Curious George.
Did I ever mention how much she loves monkeys?

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The Scotts said...

She has such a sweet smile! Cute ET cake! Abby just got so excited when she saw London. She told me again yesterday about how you took her to the movies. You made an impact!