Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lee's Ferry

This is my last post about our Utah trip -- and it's about time! I've been a slacker at finishing, but I do want to remember everything so here's a memory that took 15 minutes at most, but will live in my mind forever. We crossed the bridge at Lee's Ferry and Nate really wanted to stop and let the girls get out and look. So we did. We even got a nice man to take our picture. I just think this area is so beautiful in it's own unique way. The girls loved looking down onto the Colorado River.
All along the reservation, you find little huts with Navajos selling their homemade jewelry. Upon seeing one right there at the bridge, I told Nate that we had to get the girls something because I have fond memories of my dad doing the same for me and my siblings.

Choosing was not an easy task.
London loved the dream-catchers, but ended
up getting a necklace/bracelet combo.

Savannah showing off her new jewelry.
I think they were just glad to be out of the car for a while.

While in Cedar, I found these cool little tins with a princess on one side and her prince on the other. It was actually a case that held various articles of clothing and accessories for both. It turned out to be a fun and entertaining thing for the girls when all else failed. . .

In fact, it got even more entertaining as the girls got bored
and started cross-dressing the princes.


Kelly said...

That picture of the cross dressing prince cracked me up to no end.

Your girls look delighted to pick some treasures there!

Amy said...

The jewelry definitely calls forth memories of my own. That whole area around Page always makes me nostalgic.

Megan said...

I love getting jewelry along the reservation, I always make Tom stop and have quite the collection or turquoise now.